Do you really save? How?
I think you could spend less. For Utah Deals, check out Utah Deal Diva's blog. She also list
1269 days ago
Yes, it is worth it! I fed my family of 8 for .70 per person per day last year--AND I have many mo
1269 days ago
$200.00 per month food budget Im armed with coupons, give me more Ideas!!!
Teri, Your amount is totally doable; add $23 to that a month and that's what it cost my fami
1269 days ago
The End of Bedwetting
I would love to hear more about your experience with the alarm. I have a child who is VERY hard to
1335 days ago
What Do You Refuse To Live Without?
I've lived without a lot before as a missionary; I learned that you can still live a great liv
1339 days ago
Giving to Total Strangers
I handed a coupon to a woman with children in the jello aisle yesterday. The jello were on sale, t
1355 days ago
*sigh* Don't people think of giving?
You might be interested in this blog: They coupon just
1355 days ago
Christmas gifts on a (very) tight budget
I just wanted to add that the first year, we gave my brother and his wife and my parents a copy of
1356 days ago
Christmas gifts on a (very) tight budget
Since you're so far away, and unemployed, you really don't have to send them something. If
1356 days ago
What can't you stockpile enough of??
Having lived on our stockpile for a long, long time, I can say: dishsoap and dish brushes
1357 days ago
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