That is correct. Farley has a new cousin! A couple of weeks ago, Dustin and Mary came into town to
1435 days ago
One HOT Bid Day!
Yes, I know. It's been a while since my last post! I apologize. Between working two jobs, sewing,
1436 days ago
Promotion Sunday
Last Sunday was Promotion Sunday at my home church. This means it's a new church year, and it is ti
1441 days ago
A Birthday for a Queen
This weekend Russ and I joined Jenny, Jeff, Jennifer, and Jake to celebrate Jennifer's birthday. I'
1443 days ago
High Maintenance?
I suppose it's true. Although I've never really considered myself high maintenance, I appear to be
1445 days ago
My New Friend
Yes. I have done something that may completely surprise some of you! I should probably start from
1447 days ago
Bringing in the New Year Thoughts...
Well, it's that time again! Time for the school year to begin and routine to resume. I have seen d
1449 days ago
When Life Hands You Lemons...
During our fun-filled week last week, Russ's parents' freezer also went out! Yes. Everything insid
1455 days ago
Toddlers in Tiaras...
...or something like that!One of the things I love about being back "home" is how close we are to fa
1456 days ago
Bunco Crasher
That's me! The official Bunco Crasher in town! Need a sub? Never fear....I am here! Ha!Last week
1457 days ago
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