Rebekah said:
Do you remember a friend you had so long ago named Rebekah Greiman who had a site called I know, reach back into the uttermost recesses of your mind...there I am! So, finally...after way too stinkin' long-my website is back up and running. I am up with all of my old content, but will be live tomorrow with brand new posts that will continue to expound upon my weird life of Touring, Arts & Crap, The Home Life (remodeling, recipes) and Snaptures (photography tutorials, etc). I have many to spread the good news to, so this will be brief. But for now, you can have a sneak peak at what is going on-including the new look, content and the innermost workings of my crazy brain. I am not expecting you to do anything, or to even care, but I thought I should at least let you know that I ain't ded. (I am not dead in Okie). YIPEEEEE!!!!!!
1027 days ago
New Community!! Say Hi & List your Blog!
Well, hello there! Thanks for the invitation! I am Rebekah 'the weirdo' from Potholes and
1363 days ago
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