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  1. Latina's profile picture
    Latina of NaturalHairLatina
    My Biggest challenge is organizing in a small space. Also liked on FB
  2. Bridget's profile picture
    Bridget of
    My biggest challenge would have to be keeping up with the never ending river of mail.
  3. Gina's profile picture
    Gina of
    My biggest household challenge is just keeping up with everything. Recently became a single parent to two boys and wow is it overwhelming at times! Liked Kenmore on Facebook...
  4. BobbiJanay's profile picture
    BobbiJanay of When did I go from a kid to a grown up
    I think right now it is instilling the value of chores in Ian. He is three and we are working on teaching him to help. So I guess what I am trying to say is even though he is slower let Ian do it, not do it for him.
  5. Brooke's profile picture
    Brooke of
    My life is organized so much everything is packed into closets. But the real challange is when I need something in any of these closets I have to get past the front. Kenmore rocks the made in USA
  6. Amanda's profile picture
    Amanda of
    Detail cleaning. . . Fans, baseboards, windows, etc. Oh, and I liked Kenmore on FB;)
  7. Rusty's profile picture
    Rusty of Rustin Banks - Unplugged
    Love your post Mary! My household challenge folding laundry.
  8. Bill's profile picture
    Bill of
    Keeping up with the dishes
  9. Bill's profile picture
    Bill of
    Cleaning up after my kids
  10. Bj's profile picture
    Bj of
    I liked Kenmore on FB! I have lots of time to exercise, but find myself not doing it. I need some inspiration! Maybe an iPad will do it? :-)
  11. Rustin's profile picture
    Rustin of Rustin Banks – Unplugged — Social Media Marketing and Entrepreneurship
    Hi Sherri, Yes, congratulations to Liza M (participant 802) who was the winner of the iPad 2!
  12. Noppadol's profile picture
    Noppadol of
    I "liked" the Kenmore fb page. Our design challenge is what to do with our broken wall oven. It's set snug into a wood frame and it's so old it might not be a standard size oven. We have an ancient cook top right next to the broken oven and don't know whether to replace it with an all-in-one or replace the oven.
  13. Sherri's profile picture
    Sherri of
    was a winner announced for this or were they emailed?
  14. Toshia's profile picture
    Toshia of
    I feel like I am depriving starving children of food when we waste, so we avoid it at all costs. We use alot of fresh veggies and fruits and these are probably the hardest to make sure we don't waste since they spoil quickly. If it looks like we have a fruit that is going to spoil I will freeze before it does. I can always use in a smoothie or bread later. Many time with veggies I will make a casserole and freeze. I like to keep casseroles and such in the freezer for new moms or others with unexpected circumstances to help out with their meals. I don't like to keep a lot of sweets on hand, but let's face it I have two kids and they really enjoy them occasionally. I'll usually make up a dessert for us and then I'll take the rest to share with my mom's group or the child care providers at the local Y. They always appreciate it. So basically I freeze, share, and coordinate meals so that I can use the food in a couple different ways.
  15. Elizabeth's profile picture
    Elizabeth of
    I likd kenmore on Facebook. My challenge is trying To juggle being a student,a mother of three boys, being a wife and trying to find time for me. Between all their needs and wants I find myself losing me.

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