FREE @ Dollar General pens and post its
Awesome job! =)
1097 days ago
Walmart all for $0.92~ ;)
LOVE it!! =) Thanks for the pics too
1098 days ago
Coupons from other zip codes
Yes, everyone is correct, you can use coupons from other zips and I highly recommend it since some
1106 days ago
Sarah It's all your fault
Awww, thank you Teresa!! My husband thought I was nuts as well until he saw all the stuff I get an
1106 days ago
large web page
Hi Janice, what do you mean big? My main posting area (where all the deals are posted) is large as
1110 days ago
Stock Up Prices
This is a fantastic idea!! I would love to hear everyone's opinions and what they consider is
1111 days ago
Just adopted a Kitten...need to start saving on pet deals!!!
Hi there, That is great and congrats! How fun! I will frequently post pet deals and freebies so
1111 days ago
Healthy Lifestyle and Couponing
My biggest tip is to STOCK up on healthy items when there is a coupon or a good deal for them. I h
1111 days ago
What is your favorite way to organize coupons?!
I like to keep my entire inserts and put the whole insert in a protector sheet. I find it's e
1111 days ago
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