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541 days ago
have a magic week
HAPPY WEEK !!! We had a nice Saturday night full of laughs on my dad's name day. Mom had cooked
543 days ago
what men don't say to women
From Chris Abani
546 days ago
amazing post: stop bullying yourself
from amanda
546 days ago
andrea talking about facing the fear of failure
546 days ago
how much i agree. i feel great reading the artcle below:
546 days ago
"Look at every path closely and deliberately. Try it as many times as you think necessary. Then ask
546 days ago
hi pumpkins.. these days i had a lot to do and i didn't post much. And i missed talking to you. Well
546 days ago
HAPPY WEEK PUMPKINS....i wish you magical moments. Autumn came in Athens with chilly nights and rain
550 days ago
life calls for struggle
in times like these.. you'll know when you read this post i feel so little and so badly wh
552 days ago
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