Hello Sara, we recently heard that Blog Frog is closing it's communities that don't have sponsors. We would love for you to join us on our Facebook parenting page. or our blog Namaste, Carol & Stacy
499 days ago
What about Summer Time Snacks?
What are some good summer time snacks you feed your little ones in the heat?
1110 days ago
What are your kids reading this summer?
I am reading the fudge book by Judy Blume to my 7 yr.old right now. They are so funny. My older son
1110 days ago
Favorite healthy snack
Popcorn! I love Popcorn! My husband laughs at me( because I eat so much of this stuff. He is alawa
1110 days ago
Homeschool Moms
Are you guys ready for the up and coming school year? Is anyone making any major changes for
1110 days ago
Pam said:
Sara, I too look forward to learning about you and your life...from the last post sounds like you have a really good must be one as well
1143 days ago
Role Call! Leave your links!
My name is Sara. I am the stay at home mom/homeschool mom of three busy boys. My blog ishttp:
1167 days ago
Carol said:
Sara ~ thanks for your BF ~ Your blog is creative, informative and so endearing ~ I wonder what the weather is like in Alaska ? Love to have you come visit my community ~ and post a topic you might like to discuss ~ Alaska? ^_^
1177 days ago
What's your latest article or blog post you would like to share?
What a fabulous article! This is so true. I have 3 boys and a very busy husband. And I am just lea
1177 days ago
How close in age are your children?
Women that are able to have their children so close togther, God has truly blessed you all. And it
1187 days ago
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