Parents Need To Stand Up To Childhood Obesity Parents love their children, right? Well, childhood obesity statistics say ot
1170 days ago
How To Protect Your Child From Child Abuse
Child Abuse Car Donation April 18, 2011 Know The Facts & Causes About Child Abuse Children are t
1200 days ago
Help Your Child or Teen Avoid Facebook Depression
Car Donation For Kids Facebook & Social Media Causes Depression In Teenagers? Parents deserve mo
1221 days ago
Obama Pushes An Education Reform With More Funding
Winning the Future Obama’s Push For Education Reform In 2011 Currently,
1229 days ago
Parents: Do You Leave Your Child In The Dark?
Are Your Children The #1 Priority In Life? Answer this question honestly; Are
1234 days ago
Top Five Charities Helping Kids
Nonprofit Charitable Organizations To Watch In 2011 1. Jeff Gordon-The Drive To End Hunger Actually,
1250 days ago
Educating Children In America: Who’s To Blame Hey baby boomers. That’s right, I am talking to you. What do these two
1255 days ago
Ohio Woman Going To Jail For Protecting Her Kids
Gov. John Kasich: Pardon Kelley Williams-Bolar — she shouldn’t go to jail for protecting
1264 days ago
Black Eyed Peas At The Superbowl: Warning Obama
Black Eyed Peas Send A Message To Obama At Superbowl Halftime Show The super bowl has become a natio
1271 days ago
Children With Attention Deficit Disorder(ADD) How To Help Children With ADD As I work with children of many different ages,
1272 days ago
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