Special Needs Support—Using References & Demonstrating Knowledge
I was ready to quit. I had already successfully homeschooled my older daughter for a few years, but
1084 days ago
How To Do the End of Summer Season Switch
I’m in the middle of major house projects, processing garden produce and running herd on my brood. I
1085 days ago
Preschool 201: Round 2
We’ve wrapped up a year of preschool at our house (majoring in algebra and anatomy), so we’re kind o
1086 days ago
The Race is Not to the Swift
The “down to earth, practical, and word to the wise” preacher in Ecclesiastes has some w
1086 days ago
Guest Post Submission
What a great month of guest posts! Thanks to all the homeschool moms taking the time to write and sh
1088 days ago
Scientific Explorer Review and Giveaway!
We love science around here. It isn’t just a subject in school. In fact, if you come over to our hou
1088 days ago
Guest Post: Brooke from Warrior Prayers
A year ago the Lord put a desire in our hearts to homeschool our two young sons (then ages five and
1089 days ago
Winners! 1st Annual HSV Garden Challenge! #hsvgarden
1st Annual The Homeschool Village’s Garden Challenge WINNERS …. Homeschooling Newbie, Ne
1090 days ago
Guest Post: The Frazzled Mama
I truly believe that my children are my apprentices in life.  It is my job to make sure they know ho
1091 days ago
Twitter Party with CurrClick Aug 3rd #currclick !
We are excited to announce we will be co-hosting a back to homeschool twitter party with CurrClick A
1092 days ago
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