How to Help Teens Recognize and Tame Perfectionism
The teenage mind is quite possibly one of the most complex systems on the planet.  Just because we m
987 days ago
My Top 9 Excuses For Not Being Around Much Lately (Part 3…)
Allrighty then… I know you have been waiting for it.   The characters have been developed.  Th
989 days ago
My Top 9 Excuses for Not Being Around Much Lately (Part 2)
Thanks for joining me.  If you missed part 1, click here for a quick catch up. As you may know, I ha
1016 days ago
My Top 9 Excuses for Not Being around Much Lately (Part 1)
If you follow my blog with any regularity, you may have noticed I haven’t been posting much ov
1026 days ago
How Little We Know, How Eager to Learn—Life Lessons from Sir John Marks Templeton.
The underlying goal of my writing is to find people, places and things that are fabulous and share t
1064 days ago
Why, Unlike Penelope, I Love Vacations.
I recently read a post by one of my favorite blog authors, Penelope Trunk. In her typically contrari
1105 days ago
Rosanne’s Nuts!
I have to admit that I have never been a fan of Rosanne Barr and I don’t much like reality shows wit
1107 days ago
Have You Become Invisible?
On a recent visit to Hearst Castle with one of my dearest friends (Gina), I had a life defining mome
1115 days ago
Hope is Not a Strategy. It’s something much, much more!
I come by life lessons very slowly.  I have learned over the years to restrain myself from forcing t
1120 days ago
What’s Your One Thing?
I am blessed with friends who are strong, courageous, inspiring, intelligent, and wise women. On a r
1129 days ago
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