Do You Ever Wonder?
Do you ever wonder if all of the trials, suffering, and pain you are going through right now has a p
561 days ago
Discovering Opportunity in the Every Day
Yesterday, I free-wrote on the word Opportunity {link to that post here} provided by Lisa-Jo Baker a
562 days ago
Opportunity | Five Minute {Friday} Saturday
Five Minute Friday with Lisa-Jo Baker. Word: Opportunity. Write for five minutes without stoping and
563 days ago
New Every Morning: Great is Your Faithfulness
I have had the joy and privilege of waking up early for the past three mornings…before my fami
564 days ago
when The Perfect comes
I can’t seem to shake a feeling of unsettledness. I wonder if this is even a word. Yet, nothin
566 days ago
Compassion Blogger
Have you heard of Compassion International? A Christian Organization reaching out to children throug
570 days ago
Treasures Left Behind
Cupped in our hands. Desperate to feel them lingering there. We cling to the treasures our loved one
572 days ago
Santa Cactus
Be forewarned. This is not your typical Christmas Message. While most are out there celebrating the
574 days ago
Thank You
I want to write something to inspire you today. I want for you to finish reading this and say, ̶
580 days ago
Do you find yourself asking, “Why God?”…..Me, too
In response to yesterday’s tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut, I find myself asking, “Why G
583 days ago
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