How to Help Your Child Memorize
Memory skills are both biological and experiential. In other words, you can be born with good or poo
726 days ago
Making Bible Time a Favorite Subject
I wrote previously about family and personal devotions. Now I’d like to address how to motivat
733 days ago
How to Make Time for Family Devotions
Although I haven’t struggled much with personal devotion time, family devotions have been very
740 days ago
How to Find Time for Personal Devotions
One of the most common questions I get from young mothers is how to find time for personal devotions
746 days ago
How to Homeschool and More on TaskCurrent
I’ve spoken of my fondness for TaskCurrent before, but now you might say we’re in a rela
750 days ago
How to Break the Procrastination Habit
I put lots of projects off until the summer when I will supposedly have more time. My husband works
753 days ago
The Motivating Power of Sleep
Some homeschooling parents insist that their children have regular bedtimes and get plenty of sleep.
780 days ago
The Best Places to Buy, Borrow, Sell, or Donate Used Homeschool Curriculum
You were so excited the day you brought your shiny new curriculum home from a homeschool conference,
793 days ago
How to Motivate Reluctant Readers
  I keep hearing from moms whose kids don’t like to read or don’t read as much as t
804 days ago
How to Homeschool in an Hour a Day
[Photo Credit] Home educators have a lot of demands on their time. We may have multiple children, so
810 days ago
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