Failure is a Good Thing
We all know everyone fails at one point or another. If you try to accomplish anything at any time,
763 days ago
Adopting A Positive Attitude
Inner beauty radiates. We've all experienced it. The moment you meet some people you are instantly
764 days ago
Fulfilling Your Aspirations
Discovering what makes you tick is integral to identifying the aspiration you should choose. If you
769 days ago
Ride the Waves of Emotion
Emotions are not different from a movie projected on the screen of your mind. People who are stuck d
772 days ago
Creating and Sticking to Your Diet and Exercise Plan
There are a number of good reasons to get in shape but often our best intentions don't materialize i
779 days ago
Recording Family Stories
Learning about your family tree is interesting. Learning from your family tree is life changing.
785 days ago
The Joy of Thai Massage
Thai massage is one the world's favorite forms of the art along with shiatsu, Swedish massage, aroma
790 days ago
We are visual beings. We are very good at solving problems when we can visualize them, improving ph
793 days ago
The Importance of Challenging Yourself
Valuing students who strive to take on challenges then should come as no surprise. After all the cor
800 days ago
Alone Time
I love technology and what it does for me...on the other hand I'm not so crazy about what it does to
804 days ago
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