One More Bite
         This spring someone has stealthily turned up the volume on the amo
874 days ago
The Case of the Purple Ball
     We moved to a new house a little over a year ago and often when I'm looking for
879 days ago
Old Yeller Lives
      We have a hen named Bob who is able to fly out of the chicken yard into the dan
882 days ago
Happy Weekend from Ivy and Revel
"Hey, I have a good idea. . .let's go for a walk!""Yay!  My human servant is cooperating nicely
885 days ago
Aussie Snobs Reunite
     My wonderful grandmother ("GramScram" to us) was the first to point out to me th
887 days ago
         Cold room.  Glossy black and white floor tiles, a pattern a g
890 days ago
Best in Show
     My friend Robin once said that she loves talking to me because she can always su
892 days ago
Who's the Smart One?
     When my blogger-buddy Adrian inspired me to start taking the dogs on all my erra
894 days ago
Dogs Love Baby Talk
Good catch, Ivy!     If you'd like to have your heart broken on a regular basis, log
896 days ago
Happy Birthday, Baby Boy!
Photo slideshow personalized with Smilebox
897 days ago
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