sunday set list {8.5.12}
For months now I've wanted to share music with you on Sundays. For many, many years I made worship s
722 days ago
we all have hangovers
We had so much fun at Disneyland.Exhausting fun.Our kids survived 16+ hour days like champs.Which ma
724 days ago
a few days with the Mouse
We are just about packed up and ready for our little family vacation. We head up to Disneyland early
727 days ago
slow run, slow life
Running has become a metaphor for almost everything in my life. It's very common for me to equate ru
728 days ago
just be me
"When you let others’ expectations drive you, you scatter your energy to the winds," -Jesus Calling
732 days ago
at least I can still eat ice cream and chips & salsa
Several years ago, hardly anyone knew what "gluten" and "gluten-free" meant.  Most of us had ne
733 days ago
the work of summer
I never knew how tiring having fun was. Well, in some ways I did, because don't we all need a vacati
739 days ago
summer 2012 family journal part 1
Someday I will get my blog printed as part of our family's history. And I think this is going to be
748 days ago
when's Mama's lunch break?
Alternately titled: so much fun in the sunIt's been a month now, since I resigned (or retired as one
752 days ago
just write: tears & swim lessons
There was a lot of crying during the first day of swim lessons today. One little boy in the same gr
761 days ago
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