Ten on Tuesday
1. Saturday I am scheduled to run on a 5K and I am so not ready. I guess I am going to drag my butt
654 days ago
Freaky Shoes!!
These are the weirdest shoes I have ever seen. First of all who would want to wear these shoes? Seco
660 days ago
Twenty seven years ago I was born on this day. It is weird to think that I have been on this world f
666 days ago
Random Thursday: Blogger Pet Peeves
I am once again linking up for random Thursday because it has been so much fun and it makes it easie
666 days ago
Random Thursday: First Celebrity Crushes
I just finished taking an exam and I am so glad that is done and over with. This past week I encount
673 days ago
5K Time
I just signed up for a 5K! I signed up for the 5K last year (remember my few seconds of fame??)
675 days ago
The Joy's of Motherhood
Life, there are so many stages associated with life. Let's see I am a grown woman who is in her mid
679 days ago
A Trip to the Library
Saturday was reserved for a trip to two libraries. The library near my house has a good selection of
695 days ago
Something is Missing
This morning things started out great. I got myself and my daughter ready for school. Then when I we
702 days ago
TV Show Addiction
This past week I have been in a TV induced coma. I finished summer school and only got a week off be
709 days ago
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