Four Ways To Keep Your Kids From Watching Shows They Shouldn’t
There is a lot going on on television that you probably don’t want your kids watching. Sometim
475 days ago
Finding Peace
I love this quote by Viginia Woolf. I don’t know how many times I’ve tried to reduce the
476 days ago
Has The Pebble Watch Beat Apple To The Punch?
A couple of weeks ago, I posted my own musings about the iWatch and the rest of the smart watch aren
477 days ago
Student Loans
The world of loans and interest rates can be brutal for people who are not truly aware of the variou
478 days ago
Living On A Budget 13: Making Adjustments
We’ve been living on a budget for 3 full months now and we both knew we had to make some adjustments
481 days ago
Kids and Stress
Stress affects all of us. Kids, especially, can experience stress without anyone in the family (incl
482 days ago
Have Faith
Have Faith. It’s such a simple and beautiful phrase and yet it is sometimes so difficult to do
483 days ago
Tech Tuesday: App Review – Home Library
A few weeks ago I suddenly got on a James Bond kick. I suppose it was a combination of the franchise
484 days ago
Happy Easter
From our family to yours Happy Easter!  
488 days ago
Easter Treats
Spring brings a feeling of renewal as the weather gets warmer, the flowers start to bloom, and the t
489 days ago
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