Homestead separation?
I haven’t had much of a chance to blog this past week. Truth be told, when my mind gets overly
1224 days ago
Happy Birthday Shaylah and Julia
Happy 11th Birthday to our girls Shaylah and Julia! Just sharing some more memories. Best of friends
1229 days ago
Pendant give away.
Recently I fell in love with a Handblown Glass pendant. I love baby feet and although I didn’t
1231 days ago
Watching my girls grow up, a time of mixed emotions.
It’s our twins birthday on December 8th. Every December is a time of HUGELY mixed emotions for
1231 days ago
Memories of summer…
Memories of summer… What do homestead children do on a nice hot summer day? Bathe one of their
1233 days ago
The ups and downs of the homestead
There’s ups and downs of having a homestead with lots of animals, as I’m sure anyone wou
1236 days ago
Christmas is coming, but the income is not, so what’s a family to do?
Christmas is fast approaching and some how, each year, it seems to catch us off guard even quicker t
1239 days ago
The winner of the Rhineland Farm, Homestead Emporium give away is…
Tiffany Says: November 24, 2010 at 5:06 amI am in the middle of moving to Kamloops BC. I have been t
1241 days ago
A girl and her horse.
No better friends can be found. It really is true. If you don’t want to go through too much tu
1243 days ago
Houston, we have a problem…
Actually, we have snow! And it’s really not a problem, well except maybe when it puts your pow
1246 days ago
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