Bees in the Fall
We harvested the last of the combs from our beehive last week.   The bees had to start from scratch
1345 days ago
Credit Card Whoring
I’m such a whore!  A credit card whore to be exact. Earlier this year we paid off our credit c
1348 days ago
Sew Sew
I sew. I’m grateful that Mommy Sha (my mom) sat me down and taught me the basics of sewing whe
1353 days ago
Friends with Money
I walked into the library last week to pick up a copy of The Color of Style by David Zyla and walked
1357 days ago
Happiness =
About one year ago I started blogging about my journey towards financial independence.  In July of 2
1362 days ago
Pie Extravaganza!
Last weekend we held our annual birthday fest (Michael and I have birthdays one day apart and his Da
1365 days ago
Random House
My daughters had a friend over the other day and as the friend was twirling round and round on the f
1370 days ago
Monkey Cards
  Sandy over at First Gen American is leading a writing challenge for some of us bloggers.  If
1373 days ago
Everything But the Kitchen Sink
You’re going to have to indulge me for one more photo blog today.  I got a new camera for my b
1378 days ago
Free Stuff on My Birthday?
Yesterday was my birthday and today is Michael’s.  We love sharing our birthday and pretty muc
1381 days ago
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