Perfect Illustration of the Issues with Common Core Elementary Mathematics
In the past, I’ve written about the Common Core from the perspective of its inevitable arrival
386 days ago
The Magic of Healthy Living #DisneySMMoms
Trying to Eat Healthy We try to eat healthy around here. Unlike some people I admire very much, howe
397 days ago
Sharpie Fireworks T-Shirt
Pin It My friend, Athena, hosted an awesome craft group this afternoon. The girls made fireworks
399 days ago
Math is Everywhere! Bedtime Math #STEMchat
Math is everywhere! Every day we use math–to estimate distances, tell time, divide up treats,
404 days ago
Happy Father’s Day!
To all the Dads, Papas, Grandpas, and other father-types out there, Happy Father’s Day! Here&#
410 days ago
Cultivating a “Can Do” Attitude #DisneySMMoms
Back when I did theater improv, there was a “Yes, and…” rule. You could not shut d
421 days ago
Books for the Children of Moore, Oklahoma
When my husband was branched Field Artillery, we spent some time at Ft. Sill, Oklahoma. We watched s
421 days ago
Wummelbox – Kids Craft Their Own Toys
We craft a lot “from scratch” but we also do some crafting from kits. We prefer open-end
436 days ago
Lead with Your Values: The Merida “Makeover” and Coronation #DisneySMMoms
“Lead with your values” is good advice for a well-lived life. As it turns out, it is a g
439 days ago
We’re Going to Disney Social Media Moms 2013! #DisneySMMoms
Everyone’s favorite mouse has been kind enough to host my family on his newest cruise ships th
465 days ago
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