Penny Rugs
Penny Rugs. Doesn't that sound like something that is utterly charming? They are. Stop over and vis
1456 days ago
Company Girl Coffee 7.23
It's been a quiet week around here with my guys gone. And though I miss them, I am
1460 days ago
Heart Stealer
I'm breaking my vow of blog silence because I miss my son and I can't help it.
1463 days ago
Company Girl Coffee 7.16
I think I have the right day for company Girl Coffee this week!  Whew, what a week it's be
1467 days ago
I Feel Dumb
Tonight, I sat down at the computer to prepare for tomorrow's Company Girl Friday. I got my post tog
1473 days ago
June Prize Winners
Hi Sweet Company Girls! When I said I was going to take a break from blogging, I didn't think it wo
1476 days ago
July Announcement
I apologize for posting late this morning! I hope ya'll will still be able to li
1481 days ago
Turn in June Points!
Can you believe that July is upon us? This summer is zooming past. Today, I'm asking for point total
1482 days ago
Feels Like....
Yesterday, we worked on making our homes sound a little more
1483 days ago
Sounds Like......
I often think about how creating a Home Sanctuary is all about the senses.  Hav
1484 days ago
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