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What would you name your next baby ?

Started by Bea , author of Naming one baby at a time ! 7/17/2009 8:36:27 PM
If your pregnant what are you going to name the baby ?
What would you name a new son and daughter to your family ?
Simply what is your favorite baby name ?
I'm always looking for some new ideas to suggest !
Thank you so much !

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Reply by Keeslermom

author of Keesler Chaos 7/18/2009 12:38:37 PM
I saw your blog.  Fun idea!  Where do I send my baby name ponder?

it says on the top - you can e-mail :)


Reply by Tara

author of Banks Blab 7/18/2009 4:15:09 PM
I love the name Cora.  I have a friend who just named her baby that, and I though it was unique and cute!

I LOVE baby names... but I can't give away my favorites in case we have more. {grin} I think I posted some a while back on a Q & A post though.



Reply by Bobbi

author of The Kenow Family 7/22/2009 8:12:43 PM
Hmmm...right now the names I love...

for a girl:  Vaida, Violet, Gwenyth

for a boy:   Oliver, Ezekiel (Zeke), Jude


Reply by Connie

author of Smockity Frocks 7/25/2009 10:20:23 PM
All of our 7 children end with the /n/ sound.  I LOVE the name Clementine, but my husband isn't crazy about it.  We both like Gatlin for a boy.


Reply by Just Another Day In

author of Just Another Day In Paradise... 7/27/2009 6:33:06 PM
You mentioned not really buying new clothes for the kids- where do you shop, specifically, where do you find all of the (matching) clothes for the girls?! Thier outfits are too cute!


Reply by Kat

author of Mama's Losin' It! 8/3/2009 10:43:37 AM

Girl: Leilani, Aislynn, or Kalia

Boy: Kamuela or Kimo

I LOVE thinking up cute baby names...but I think we're done. :)


Reply by liz

author of Loving Mom 2 Boys 8/5/2009 11:59:03 AM
For girls: Kayla, Finley, Lilianna

For Boys:  Aidan, Liam, Logan

Although I am sure if we have a third DH will veto all these names....or I'll think of a million new ones to add.


Reply by Jen (Mom2my10)

author of 11th Heaven's Homemaking Haven 8/22/2009 8:49:40 AM
I am pregnant with my tenth and I truly feel that it is a girl! Her name will be Adelaide Sariah. What do you think?

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