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Started by Lisa , author of My Baby Has Eczema 5/28/2010 9:05:03 PM

Okay, I had a home birth last time and loved it. I seriously want to do it again.

But here's the problem. We make too much to qualify for Medicaid (which will pay for it in Oregon if you wait until 28 weeks and get open card--at least, that's how it worked a year and a half ago). We have insurance, which means that an uncomplicated delivery would probably net us less money overall than paying the midwife full price. BUT... it would cost the insurance company more to pay for a hospital birth than it would cost us to have a home birth.

So what do you do? Right now, we're just buying a new home, so spare money is going to have to go into fixing it up for a while. For the record, I am not currently pregnant, but thinking about it in the next few months. Once we are settled, and maybe once hubby gets work closer to home (his current work is 1 hour away from our new home, so once we move in--in a week or so--he'll be working four 10's to save gas), we might be ready to try for #3.

I'm looking for ideas. Short of simply doing our best to save for it. My mom says she can't save $2,000 to go to a health resort I really think she should go to. And she is out of debt and has her home and land in good condition (ie, maintenance, not repair). So how could we save $3,500 when we have 2 kids, home repairs, and so on?

Do you think the insurance company would consider making an exception and covering a portion of the cost? They cover $1,000 for alternative. Maybe they would be willing to do that, and I pay the standard $10 co-pay for each check-up, and the we make up the difference... I suppose it could be worth a try, especially if I point out how much they would save by not having to pay hospital costs!

Anyhow, give me your ideas. I think I could handle an unassisted home birth, but my doubt my husband would be up for something like that! So that's not really an option for us. All I know is, I want to give birth at home. I can't imagine driving to the hospital (which would be at least 1/2 an hour away from our new home, maybe more) while in labor. The last time, I spent most of my hard labor standing with my head to the wall, almost up until the transition. I had a bruise on my forehead for a few days afterward!

Okay, so now it's your turn. If you did a home birth, tell me how you paid for it, and give me suggestions/ideas. Thanks!

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Reply by Bonita

author of Let's Make A Difference 09! 6/1/2010 8:20:16 AM

We actually asked friends to ask their friends and try to find a doctor or midwife that would work with us financially. We found two!!   We needed to raise $1000 which we did over 6 months!

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