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Bipolar/mental health

Started by Beth , author of Manic Mother 7/25/2009 12:42:24 PM
Share your story, or ask questions about my bipolar, or mental health in general.

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Reply by Mariah

author of manic mariah 8/23/2009 2:33:46 PM
SO many Dr's say I am bipolar.  Whatever, maybe I am-- maybe I'm not maybe I feel too much and sometimes too little.  It's a fine line and I think that sometimes Dr's just slap that label on people because it's easier then figuring out the underlying issues. 

Are you on meds? If so which ones? I've been on EVERYTHING possible, currently I am on lithium and zoloft, but weening off of the lithium for the kabillioth time.  I hate it.


Reply by Beth

author of Manic Mother 8/23/2009 6:57:39 PM
Thanks for sharing! Yes, I struggled for years to accept the diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder as well. I can't tell you how may times in the last 10 years I have gone off of Lithium..thinking I was not in need of always backfired on me. And that would make me even more mad because to me it just confirmed the diagnosis...uggh. I take wellbutrin, lithium, and a small dose of serequoel to help me sleep at night. You might like this post I wrote a long time ago about Lithium.


Reply by Amy

author of Three Black Labs 9/10/2009 11:37:44 PM
I was just diagnosed 2 months ago with bipolar disorder II. I think I was in shock the first month. I thought I was going in for the millionth time to get yet another Rx for antidepressants (thought it was postpartum depression, again). This doctor was floored at how obvious I was and why I wasn't diagnosed before. I am still trying to accept it. I am glad to see you, Manic Mother, lay it out there. It makes me hopefully that someday I will too. It's all new right now. It sucks. I will go in tomorrow on my full Rx of Lamictal. Take care ladies. And really Manic Mother, thank you.


Reply by manda

author of 'Manda Blogs About . . . 10/16/2009 5:23:19 PM
I have bipolar II, as well as borderline, obsessive compulsive, and post traumatic stress disorder, adhd and social anxiety. I was diagnosed when I was 14 and I fought it for awhile and I've gone off and on medication - I think I've tried them all! I have an 8 year old so I've stayed on my meds and worked with my doctor to try to find the right combination. I'm currently taking Lithium, Adderall, Zyprexa, Haldol, Paxil and Clonidine. It sounds like a lot but I'm a totally different person if I don't take it. There was a point about 5 years ago when a lunatic doctor had me taking 42 pills a day! I was a wreck - walking into walls and unable to function at all. It's so important to have a good doctor when you are dealing with these types of illnesses. That doctor got into a lot of trouble and closed their practice and moved to another state!

It reassures me to see so many adult women who are not only functioning, but flourishing despite this illness! My daughter (who is 9) has bipolar disorder and I worry about her future constantly! I run a feature on my blog called "Bipolar Tuesday" and I link it to a parent support group I run (just changed platforms, rebuilding). I would love to have guest posts from any of you to share on both my blog and my group site!


Reply by Auburn

author of Married Without Children 8/5/2010 9:12:26 AM

I am a wife of a man who has recently been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. He is still in the beginning of his treatment and exploration of all this, but we're sure there is some bi-polar, obsessive compulsive, and possibly an eating disorder. One psychiatrist labels him borderline while our other therapist says he isn't. Some days he says he is, some days he says he isn't. we have only been married 9 months and we have gone through so much with all of this. My blog is about our experiences.


Reply by John

8/5/2010 10:45:19 AM

Hello Good Ladies. I am not quite certain how you all may feel hearing from a man, though, my story bears a very strong resemblance to all of yours. I empathize with you all, heartily. Let me explain.

I, am a former Marine, and abused as an adolescent, by my father, and my mother. I wont go into specifics with that but it was verbally abusive, sexually abusive, and emotionally damaging. I took all I could take and at age 16 went seeking a recruiter to join the military. 

I felt getting away was the answer. It was jumping out of the frying pan into the fire. 

I served during Vietnam era and things were not good then either. Alot of people were hurt. I struggle terribly even to this day. 38 years later. I wanted to be proud to be a Marine, "the few, the proud, the brave," and many Marines are just that. But many are mystified by the myth "Marines never die, they just go to hell and regroup." 

What a bunch of nonsense. I was proud to be a US Service member, and the highlight of my day was to serve and salute the American flag. I absolutely recieved great jubilation in this humbling moment. 

But many of us have been damaged emotionally as well as mentally. And the military, especially the Marines, will try to stigmatize members with a terrible injustice of disgrace. We are ridiculed and tried to feel by the military as if we have done the injustice to them. I thought they were grown men with plenty of courage to face trials but this is one issue they like to sweep under the rug. 

38 years ago I was diagnosed with severe depression and chronic anxiety. I had another diagnosis of schizophrenia with paranoia. Now it is being discussed and reviewed otherwise as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

I have in all my life never seen a more horrific emotional shock the Marines put a man or woman through during the 'intitial shock treatment,' witnessed and forced upon you than in boot camp. 

They have a tradition, why I do not know, of finding out how tough you are and how much abuse you can take. I, could not take any more.

It flooded over into my relationships with familiy, friends, and now, especially strangers. I strongly feel we should not have to be bludgeoned emotionally or mentally to take up a call to arms in the beautiful name of liberty. This is definitely not the spirit filled call our forefathers were called to during the American Revolution. When the colonists needed each other, it wasnt the same kind of camaraderie you hear of now. 

It was a Godly, spirit filled call in the sake of liberty, to free us from tyranny and allowing us the liberty and freedom of governing ourselves. This is wonderful, but I guarantee you there was no physical, mental, emotional or sexual hazing going on back then. 

I have a story to tell, so does my ex-wife, who was put through hell because of the abuse and terror trauma I have had to endure since my youth. No excuses, just the truth. 

I have discovered, "One Word of Truth Outweighs the Entire World," and all that egotistical, macho krap does not scare me especially since my meds work a little better than they used to. Without them, I would be dead.

My present wife and I are Veterans advocates who have suffered through these traumas of mine together and we like helping other folks going through similiar conditions. 

Serving your country has not a thing to do about hating your brother. How else do we make peace? As far as the evil that still exists in the world, it is still there and always has been, always will be. There are threats and yes we must be careful but prayer may just be the answer. An active life of prayer.

Please know you are not alone. Continue taking meds, recieve therapy, and don't give up. It does get better. You all have a friend.

The Peace of God be with you all always.


Reply by daphne

author of HealthyFlat 9/6/2010 7:45:31 PM

I behaved much of my life. There have been times when I was much more active or did many more things than usual. Is this okay?help. . .

my blog: healthyflat



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