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Tablescapes - Table Settings.

Started by kim , author of Todays Creative Blog 4/11/2010 3:13:29 PM
Every year I host Thanksgiving.  I am always on the hunt for that perfect idea.  I love seeing tablescapes, of all themes.  I'd love to see your photos here.
This year I went a bit more casual. I used kraft paper and drew my placemats.  I got the idea from a magazine.

OK, you're turn.

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Reply by Diane@InMyOwnStyle

author of inmyownstyle 4/11/2010 4:35:51 PM

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  I love the idea in your photo, I saw it too, using the kraft paper with the drawn on placemats. How did it work out for you and your guests.  Did you supply any crayons for the kids and grownups to doodle on? 

I don't have any photos of tables I have done in the past, but the best idea I ever did was to make a plywood top in a much larger size than the table.  It simply screws onto to the underside of the table with a bracket and screws, making my 6 seat table have ample seating for13.  Since the tabletop is so big and no tablecloth fits it, I buy autumn looking fabric on the cheap every year and cover the top with that.  I love the look of all white plates - that way every year I can do something different and the plates will coordinate.  I like to create some drama at each placesetting and instead of using napkin rings, I fold the napkins into a triange shape and then roll it to make the napkin tube-like.  I then fold it in half and stick it in each wine glass. I think the fold is called "bunny ears". This creates some visual height to the table.  Besides the food, coming up with placecard ideas is my favorite part.


Reply by The Style Sisters

author of Style Sisters 4/11/2010 5:07:37 PM

I love Thanksgiving too! I put together this placesetting using Golds, browns, Oranges and dark greens. I used dark brown bamboo placemats, white dinner plates, a leaf salad plate from Walm-Mart, gold goblets (JC Penny), sprinkled some decorative leaves around and placed a little stacked gord by each placesetting.You can read more about this Here  I also used my white berry wreath napkin rings! They are perfect for any time of year. I sell them on my blog for only $1.00 each. I have them in pink, white, red and blue.  

Here is a photo of a fall dinner I hosted for some friends. You can read about how I did the tablescape Here

I love seeing everyone's ideas!


I love these!!! Kinda fun looking at Thanksgiving Tablescapes! I'll figure out the photo option soon, I'm just positive I will!


Reply by kim

author of Todays Creative Blog 4/11/2010 5:24:08 PM
oooh, fabulous Style Sisters!


Reply by Kelsey

author of A Barefoot Soul 4/11/2010 6:12:21 PM
We never host thanksgiving, we're the Christmas family, but I might beg to make the turkey this year just so we can decorate like this!


Reply by The Style Sisters

author of Style Sisters 4/14/2010 10:56:50 PM

Thanks Kim! I have posted a beachy tablescape on my blog today. Come check it out and I am hosting another napkin ring giveaway.



Reply by Kelsey

author of A Barefoot Soul 4/14/2010 11:12:52 PM
Anyone have some ideas for a bridal shower tablescape? Our color palette is a few shades of pink, sage green, chocolate brown, and white. The bride loves tulips, and we're already planning on incorporating vases wrapped in paper and ribbon with tulips somehow. The theme is "pots, pans, and pinups," if that helps... any ideas??


Reply by Cindy

author of Skip to my Lou 4/15/2010 9:20:46 PM
Here is a tutorial on how to make really inexpensive flower arrangements.


Reply by Aunti

author of Sylviasvideosfyi 4/20/2010 10:57:10 PM

I hope this works!  Here are my Bon Apetit chair toppers.  So easy to make and FUN! 

Oh those drawn placemats are just adorable, I love that!

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