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My Earliest OREO Memory

Started by Kim , author of Prairie Mama Prairie Mama 3/14/2012 3:00:10 AM

Growing up in my house sweets and treats were always abundant. My Mom kept a constant supply of ice cream on hand as well as several other treats. When a sweets craving hit, you never had to go much further than the pantry.

Last week OREO celebrated their 100 birthday. Of course, I had to go buy one (or 3) package to celebrate in style. My children's faces lit up when I came home with Double Stuff, Triple Double and Birthday OREO cookies!

As far back as my memory goes, I remember eating OREO cookies. I remember sitting on the back porch at my Grandma's house. We had just finished swimming and I was settled in with a glass of milk and a stack of OREO cookies. I was never really a twister like so many people are. I loved to dunk until they became soft, then pop the whole thing in my mouth, experiencing an explosion of chocolate, cream and milk.


Eating an OREO was something special, something not everyday for me. Despite the large abundance of sweets in my house, my Mom was a cookie baker, so she didn't buy them that often. This made them even more of a treat and therefore, made more of a lasting memory for me.

OREO is celebrating its 100th Birthday by encouraging all of us to take a moment to slow down, and celebrate the kid inside. Celebrate with us for a chance to win $200! Simply follow these two steps to enter:

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Reply by kristin

author of Two Cannoli 3/14/2012 8:16:17 AM
Oh, goodness, I feel like Oreo has always been in my life! At some point, I graduated to Double Stuf, and I eat mine like Kim does - saturated in milk. Hey, btw, could you PLEASE bring back the Blizzard Oreos? I was addicted and you took away my supply. :)

Yum! Now I need to go get a pack. I love Oreos! :-) Traci


Reply by Eunice

3/21/2012 3:21:24 PM
My dear husband of 10 yrs and I have started an Oreo & Milk date tradition. We are only allowed to eat one row on a date, so we get 3 dates from one package. We share a large mug of milk, and dunk them to our own specifications. I separate mine and dunk them 3 times man likes to keep his whole and holds it down in the milk a certain length of time until it's soft. Love those times and memories! ~eunice b tigergal01 @gmail .com

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