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Redbox Family Fun & Dino Dan

Started by angie , author of 7/5/2012 2:00:10 AM

All three of my boys were heavily into Spiderman at one time.



The lived, dreamed, breathed and dressed Spiderman. Of course, they learned about Spiderman from TV.


About the time that the boys went to school and had to start wearing real clothes, rather than their dress up clothes, their obsessions sort of died and they moved on to something else. With the twins, it was sort of sad because they LIVED in their Spiderman pajamas. I'd get them dressed for the day in regular clothes and by the afternoon they'd be back in their Spiderman PJ's because they were part of their play routine.  

When the twins started Kindergarten, they had this unit on dinosaurs and their obsession with Spiderman was quickly forgotten and they took up with dinosaurs.  This time it was different though.  They didn't want to dress up like dinosaurs, they just wanted to learn everything they could about them.  They begged me to take them to the library to check out books about dinosaurs and told me fun facts about them.  They lived and dreamed dinosaurs for months!

This summer we had the chance to rent Dino Dan from Redbox.  My twins were transported back to that time when they lived and dreamed about dinosaurs while Paleontologist-in-training Dan took them on a Jurassic journey and their imagination was once again sparked by the possibilities of what used to be.  I was pleased to see that they used the scientific method to gather clues and solve mysteries.

This is what they love about TV and movies, and what I do as well.  The chance to see things that that aren't actually here now, especially if it's educational. Plus, I told them about the Redbox sweepstakes going on this summer, which made them super eager to rent just about every Family Fun movie and game from Redbox.  They are all set to win a walk on roll on Dino Dan! {smiling}


Ignite your child’s imagination this summer! Rent Dino Dan: Dino Trackers / Ready? Set? Dino! and other Family Fun movies & games from Redbox this summer and you could win one of three family vacations, including a trip four to Toronto for walk-on role in Dino Dan (if you rent before 7/8)! Official Sweepstakes Rules

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Redbox. The opinions and text are all mine.

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Reply by Rachelle

7/5/2012 12:44:57 PM
We recently took my youngest daughter to see "Brave". She has been quoting text from the movie and re-enacting it. She is obsessed with the much so that she is now the proud owner of a bow & arrow set.


Reply by Dumb Mom

author of Parenting by Dummies 7/5/2012 12:55:20 PM
That picture of him sleeping in his spidey suit on the couch is one of my all time favorites!

My kids love to dance and act like the characters. Depending on what they're watching, they learn new things and I see it come out in their play with one another. :-) PS: Those spiderman pics are priceless!


Reply by Camille

author of a sorta fairytale 7/5/2012 6:44:51 PM
My daughter loves Dino Dan... We have an entire drawer full of toy dinos! I hear her playing and she actually knows all about different dinosaurs, whether they are carnivores or herbivores, etc. :)


Reply by Kim

author of This Belle Rocks! 7/8/2012 7:42:55 PM
I don't have kids that age anymore, but they, too, LOVED dinosaurs and would learn anything and everything they could about them. And could tell you anything you did (or didn't) want to know about them, too. Best of luck to yours in winning the walk-on!

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