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My Drive to Contribute in a Meaningful Way

Started by angie , author of 6/28/2012 2:00:10 AM

I'm a book worm.  I always have been, and until die or go blind, I think I always will.  There is just something about holding a book and turning the pages and looking at a page full of words narrow down into paragraphs and then sentences and words and then connect again into a story that can make me feel happy or sad or excited or any array of emotion that just makes me content.

My genre of choice is almost always fiction.  There is something about fiction that is utterly captivating and forgettable to me.  If I like a book, I thoroughly enjoy it, and then promptly forget it.  Usually. Nonfiction is different though.  I don't read a ton of it, but when I do, I usually remember the book for years and take something important away from it. The Charge by Brendon Burchard is no exception.  In the book, the author argues that through a series of powerful yet simple actions we can increase our levels of energy, engagement and fulfillment in life; if we stretch ourselves in pursuit of greater joys and enthusiasms can can live a charged life.  And, of course he explains what a "charged" life is, and how to "activate" it with the 10 "drives" that make us human.  Doing so may not be easy, but the results can be really powerful!

My Drive for Contribution

The Charge

I want to matter.  I want to feel like what I do is important and that I am leaving a legacy for my children that they can be proud of.  One of the things that I realized while reading The Charge is that I may not be the best at everything, but I am pretty darn good at some things, and I should be proud of those things and should continue to share that knowledge.  Furthermore, it was really driven home to me that so much of what I *do* is a contribution and does matter and although it's certainly not everything, it certainly is something and part of how I "gauge" the worth of my life.

So, in 10 years I may not remember everything about The Charge, but I will remember that my drive to contribute to the world in a meaningful way is important to me and that it does bring me happiness and that was made clear to me while reading Burchard's book.

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What makes me feel most alive is when I'm with my girls and watching them laugh and play together - those moments when they are experiencing pure joy really brighten up my days and enliven my world. Additionally, when I am interacting with my peers like I did this past weekend at a conference I felt alive and like I was contributing my knowledge, friendship and experiences to a larger group and it felt good, which in turn left me feeling refreshed and energized. :)


Reply by Kathy

author of BlogFrog Blog — 6/28/2012 8:49:02 AM
Great post! I feel most alive when I see positive results after I've been working hard on something I'm trying to improve. Go me!


Reply by Jill

6/28/2012 9:19:01 AM
I feel most alive after a good night's sleep, which I guess means I haven't felt alive in 8 years.


Reply by Arnebya

author of What Now and Why 6/28/2012 10:38:18 AM
I feel most alive on summer weekends. It's the one time I am in control of my schedule, have my family around me, and don't have any "have-to's". The sun inspires me, puts me in a good mood. My kinds do the same, but being able to be with them, not in an office or shuttling them to various activities, just being with them, in our home, our backyard, skinning my knee trying to land ON the Slip 'n Slide this time? That's alive for me.


Reply by Jacki

author of Dare 2 Dream, Dare 2 Do 6/28/2012 12:00:57 PM

I feel most alive after finishing a good workout.  I just started exercising regularly for the first time in a very long time, and I had forgotten how empowering it can be.  The energy you get, but also the sense of accomplishment.

Helping others really makes me feel alive--I need to do it more often. Wonderful post!


Reply by Theresa

6/28/2012 1:28:03 PM
Giving back to my community through volunterism.


Reply by SITS Girls

author of The Secret to Success is Support 6/28/2012 2:36:44 PM
Prayer. And reflecting on all that God has blessed me with. I also seem to be incredibly committed to my online friends. ;)


Reply by Dumb Mom

author of Parenting by Dummies 6/28/2012 5:26:16 PM
Cupcakes? Ok, fine. Honestly, The Dudes. They keep my life so filled with energy I kind of can't even pretend to be dead. Sometimes I try!

My kids. They keep me going every minute of the day!

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