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What are your favorite recipe sites?

Started by The Happy Housewife , author of The Happy Housewife 8/20/2009 8:13:18 PM
Where do you turn when you need to find a recipe. For me it was always, but lately I have been checking out blogs for step by step tutorials and lots of pictures.
What are your favorite recipe sites?

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I visit Southern Plate, Full Bellies, Happy Kids, Mommy's Kitchen and A Year of Slow Cooking when I need a new recipe or some inspirationI have never had a bad recipe from any of those places.


Reply by The Happy Housewife

author of The Happy Housewife 8/21/2009 6:10:12 AM
Oh, I love A Year of Slow Cooking! I need to visit that site again soon.

I get most of my ideas for meals from other blogs. Most of my desserts I get from Taste of Home, All Recipes and Recipezaar.


I look a lot at and


Reply by Tara

author of Banks Blab 8/21/2009 11:16:18 AM
I love because they allow you to store and organize your recipes right on their site.  And a lot of the recipes come from "Cooking Light," so I know they are healthy.  

I also visit The Mommy Chef for fun, healthy, kid centered ideas.  She has a great post up right now about kid snacks.  

I love this discussion!  Can't wait to find some new, great sites.


Reply by Rachelle

author of Mamas Little Bears 8/22/2009 2:03:33 PM
I like hillbillyhousewife , she has some neat ideas there. We LOVE the magic milkshakes. YUMMY !! and of course we love Toni's site too.

I also like heavenlyhomemakers ,she shows you how to make cheese from your kitchen! She makes it look soooo easy.

I know I use a bunch more, drawing a blank right now.



Reply by Anne-Marie

author of The Mom-O-Sphere 8/23/2009 5:52:29 PM
I usually run to the Food Network (online) or some of the same ones mentioned above. Most often, I find one site too limiting, so I just do a web search (via Swagbucks, of course, thanks to Toni).  I have many, too many, cookbooks that have nothing useful in them (my plan is to use them as decoration someday in my kitchen). One really useful site I found was . This is a site made for the domestically challenged like me. I think I mentioned elsewhere that I had no idea what to do with many fruits & veggies. Well, that website takes you through the processes step-by-step. There's another one I keep stumbling upon lately (but I can't think of it right now) when I have a question about substitutions that has really saved our meals.

I love as well!  It has so many great features.  I love the Ingredients tool.  It comes in handy often.  Also, I love being able to add recipes to my recipe box, and come back to look at them later.  The reviews help a lot, too.  I never make a recipe without reading all of the review and changing it up a bit.  =]  Blogs are always awesome as well, just like everybody else said.  I'm going to check out the year of slow cooking.  Never heard of it!  I'm new to this whole cooking thing.  Just got married a little over a year ago.  I love it though!


Reply by Melissa

author of Elijah's Adventures 10/5/2009 2:17:17 AM
I LOVE The Pioneer Woman's cooking section on her blog.

I trust blogs, b/c they're real people who have actually made the recipe (I hope!).  If you're looking for a bean recipe, check out the October Fest Carnival of Super Foods: Bean Edition at Kitchen Stewardship.  I'm super impressed with the over 60 recipes people contributed.  Link up your recipes for broth/stock this Thursday as well! 

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