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Balancing Family Life and A Blog?

Started by Miranda , author of Keeper of the Cheerios 6/7/2010 8:34:58 PM

Just curious as to how all of you manage your time? How many hours a day do you devote to your blog and networking? How do you balance family and a blog?

 Even after 2 years I still often struggle with this and I've yet to find a happy medium. :/

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Reply by Brenda

6/8/2010 12:39:42 PM

Unfortunately, I don't have any words of wisdom, because I'm struggling too. I waver from spending too much time, to totally abondoning the whole thing. :-) I'm kind of an all or nothing girl.

I will say that I've made being a mom and wife my number one priorities. But I still struggle with balancing blogging, housework, church activities, etc.

I'll subscribe to follow up comments to hopefully gain some more insight! :)


Reply by Miranda

author of Keeper of the Cheerios 6/8/2010 1:24:48 PM

That is exactly how I am.. family always comes first no matter what. But after that it's hard to find the right time to write, the right time to network, AND clean the house and take care of the day to day basics like appointments and chores. But I feel like a happy balance has to be out there somewhere.

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