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What I've Learned From Reading Mormon Blogs

Started by c jane , author of c jane enjoy it 2/24/2009 8:45:51 PM
I just finished reading an article about Mormon blogs (Birth of the Bloggernacle)
for which I was interviewed. It examines the emergence of Mormon blogging and why us Mormons in particular feel so compelled to blog.

We like to share stories, I say. It is a tradition of ours dating back to our origins. We are a church built of testimony passed on from one generation to the next. I've got a batch of family stories from talking birds to cheating death in a canal on 9th East. And now my children will have a whole internet worth of my stories to add to the mix. Bless their hearts.

Though, I am surprised at the frequency of which Mormon's produce blogs. Everyone I know has one, except those people I know who don't have one. Of course, everyone I know is Mormon, except those people I know who aren't Mormon.

So, for the sake of discussion I would love to hear from my non-Mormon and Mormon friends alike. What have you discovered since reading Mormon blogs? Are there common occurrences or unique expressions that you find interesting? Are Mormon bloggers raising more questions about the Lds doctrine or are they just raising more children and blogging about it?

One thing I've learned from reading the Bloggernacle: we're a diverse congregation. I mean, who knew Mormon's could vote Democrat?

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Reply by sharmilla

author of The Brown Mama Chronicles 2/24/2009 9:04:09 PM
I am a Christian, but not a Mormon.  Even so, there is a little spot on your Facebook profile which asks you to say something about yourself.  Mine says, " I love Mormon Bloggers".   


Reply by c jane

author of c jane enjoy it 2/24/2009 9:08:21 PM
Bless you Sharmilla. Bless you.


Reply by A

2/24/2009 9:17:38 PM
so funny that you wrote this, my husband and i were just talking about the Mormon Mommy blogging thang! we aren't Mormon but i really enjoy reading Mormon blogs and i've learned so much and have a new appreciation for the faith. i live in Southern Alberta and there's a large Mormon population here but unfortunately there's a feeling of "them" and "us" in my little city. if you're not Mormon you're making fun of them and being weirded out by their religion. if you are Mormon you're most likely living in the littler Mormon communities around the city and don't get a lot of chances to hang out with us on neutral territory. anyway, that was a long winded way of saying that i now feel like i understand the faith a little bit better and i really enjoy reading Mormon blogs because they are, for the most part, positive and inspiring and they never fail to make me smile and dream of a big family one day! :) I think the values of the faith are so beautiful and something to aspire to, Mormon or not. 
so my husband and i were talking about the Mormon blogging phenomenon (maybe they should be called Mlogs??) and we were wondering if maybe it's because Mormon mommies tend to be stay-at-home moms who maybe haven't gone to university or entered the work force after high school because they get married and have kids instead(i know i know, not ALL Mormon women do this, but as an outsider, this is the stereotype we are presented with and what i've got to work with!). so instead of working/going to school, they use blogs as their creative "job", a way to express themselves to the world while raising a family, a new take on the "working mom" perhaps? if i'm totally off track please let me know! i dont mean to offend anyone, i have major respect for moms who raise their families with such integrity and care. and i also notice that these blogs are treated as family members, nurtured and carefully tended to, making for a very enjoyable read!
wow, what a novel! anyway, those are my thoughts, i'm looking forward to seeing what others think! :)


Reply by Bailey

author of Bailey Grant 2/24/2009 9:25:35 PM
Hey cjane :) my name is Bailey and I love your blog. I'm LDS and guess what..... Your sister Lucy was my sister Denee's missionary companion in England! We have funny videos and pictures of her and Lucy in the MTC haha :) you will have to tell Lucy that LOL. Keep posting on your blog, it makes my day!:)


Reply by Bailey

author of Bailey Grant 2/24/2009 9:38:52 PM
Btw, your blog sets a very good example for us LDS members. You always write about your family and all of the memories you make together each day. I think that you always show us fellow bloggers that familys are the best thing in life and no matter what they are always there for you when you need them. Tell your family hi :) and tell nie to keep strong :)


Reply by chelsea

author of Blogger: Login to read 2/24/2009 9:48:04 PM

I have a couple of theories as to why there are so many Mormon bloggers (me being one of them). First, we've also been taught about journal keeping. Blogs are virtual journals. My blog is a way for me to record my thoughts on a day to day basis. I hope my children will be able to read my blog and learn more about their mom.
Also, usually as Mormons, we tend to have big families! Blogs are ways for us to stay in touch with our family members. It is a way for us to communicate and stay up to date in each other's lives. If we are able to touch others with our faith and testimony that's just an extra bonus! Cjane, I think you're blog helps many to learn about our faith. I feel that you represent us very well. We all appreciate that!


Reply by This Girl loves to talk

author of { This girl loves to talk } 2/24/2009 9:49:39 PM

Dear A

Actually I have found the opposite.. nearly all Mormon moms I know (probably numbered in the 500's or even more) have been to college/university.. our religion places a great importance on education.... the thing is that most of us then choose to have kids and more often than not, do not work in our studied professions (Like me!!- I have a Public Health Degree and have never worked using it- I have had other jobs though)  I am in Australia though, so I cant vouch for country town mormons in the US... but here every single female mormon I know has been to university or is suitablely qualified in some  profession.

I totally agree on it being a creative outlet for the stay at home mom as that is what I am and that is why I blog!! I started a blog just for my family and now it has spread to having many other readers, so I do tend to put my religion a bit more on it (for those that might not understand what we are talking about)


Reply by Loran

author of many rivers to cross 2/24/2009 9:52:37 PM
Hello!  I am a relatively new blogger.  I am not LDS but I've been living in Utah for 19 years.  I think I have a pretty good grasp on the Mormon church and its doctrines.  I've learned a lot from my Mormon friends about faith, love and the importance of family ties.  I walk with my neighbor as often as humanly possible.  She has raised 6 children and has more grandchildren than I can keep up with.  Her support and wisdom comfort me during times of stress raising my family.  Courtney, you demonstrated the same kind of strength and faith during the trials with your sister Stephanie and her family.  Your blog is awesome and a shining testimony to your faith.  I may not always agree with the "doctrine" but I embrace the "spirit" of the church and the people who do try to do the right thing.  And where would we be without Mormon scrapbookers too?  Lots of good things to find in common.  I prefer not to focus on differences these days.


Reply by Lacey

author of Blogger: Login to read 2/24/2009 9:53:12 PM
Hi Courtney!  I love your blog and have read it religiously every day for a few months now...pun intended.  Anyway, I have been a Mormon Mommy Blogger for 2 years now and this whole post cracks me up because I wrote a post in 2007 called "Is it a Mormon thing?"  It seemed that the majority of the blogs I found at that time were written by Mormon women.  I think it is because Mormon women are more likely to be stay-at-home moms, and also because we feel a need to journal/scrapbook about our children because we have been instructed to do so by our church leaders.  What better way to do so, than with blogging?  I have my blog printed into a 400 page hardbound book each year through  Their books are inexpensive and gorgeous!  Okay, so while we are on the subject of Mormon blogs...I just started reading the Book of Mormon last week and I've been wondering if anyone has made one of those counter thingies for the side of your blog for keeping track of where you are in your reading of the scriptures?  I think it would help me feel more inspired to keep up with my daily readings if I knew my progress (or possibly lack thereof) could be seen by everyone I know!


Reply by emily kate

author of 2/24/2009 9:56:42 PM
This is such a fascinating conversation. Last night blogging came up during visiting teaching and we spent 2 hours talking about it. We all kind of came to the same conclusion- blogging can be both good and bad! Mostly I would say to me it has been an overwhelmingly positive experience but there are of course times when I don't like the way somebody is portraying the church or something to that effect. Or worse, when I moved to Harlem and I was so lonely and friendless, I found a blog of somebody in my ward. I soon discovered that most of the young couples and families in my ward had blogs. Imagine my mortification reading entries of all the fun things they were doing, often times together, when I was home alone in my 350 sq/ft apartment 18 hours a day! I felt so left out and that it would be impossible to connect with these people who were already friends. But in the end, blogs did bring me together with several of them and it has turned into a really positive experience for all of us.

Also, for me personally, I don't write specifically about the church or our beliefs very often  but I would hope that our beliefs are very present in every post. I hope that we're living is an example of what we really believe.

One more thing, almost every mormon blogger mom I know went to college!

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