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Best Summer Movie According to my Two-Year Old

Started by Rebekah , author of Bex Built A Family | trying to be Donna Reed...and failing miserably... 8/2/2012 3:00:10 AM


If you ask my two year old what her favorite movie is, you'll probably get this response:

"Moo-fie? Moo-fie!! Moo-fie!! I pick mama, I pick."

Then, she'll go to her "moo-fie" selection (we keep hers in arms reach) and begin her selection. Her favorites change daily.

But, I know my kid and I know what she loves. She loves Cars and Cars 2. I don't even have to ask. Redbox gave us the opportunity to pick out a summer movie, and I ran straight for the Cars 2 blue ray. At first, my kiddo is entranced by the action, and then she's all about dancing.

You know you have a winner win your toddler starts dancing! 

Here she is getting ready to get her groove on:

She may not be able to give you a verbal review yet, but I think the video says it all. She carried on like that through the whole movie. She really loves Lightening McQueen and the rest of the cars in Radiator Springs! So much so, that we have Cars toys all over the house (I may or may not have stepped on them a million times already), and a cute Cars pillow that says quotes from the movie.

Since my toddler can't tell you why she loves it, I'll tell you why I love it. Cars is bright and colorful, and full of action and music. The story-line it's self is great. The moral of the movie is that life is not always about winning. Sometimes, the path you take to get somewhere is more important than anything else. I love that message, and of course that's something I want my kiddo to know and understand! It's the kind of movie that parents won't mind sitting down to watch with their kids. 

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Reply by Serena

8/2/2012 6:09:48 PM
The Sandlot

One of my faves!

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Serena said ...
The Sandlot

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