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GMA is not the same without Robin Roberts

Started by Ginny , author of Life 8/2/2012 9:00:20 PM

I am a huge fan of Good Morning America; and was sad to see Robin take an early vacation due to being unwell as she awaits a bone marrow transplant!  

I used to watch another news program in the morning that seemed to focus on my local news and headlines, but after watching GMA a few mornings I was hooked.  Now only do I get my local news, but what is going on around the world as well.  However, I think I watch it overall for the hosts because they have a good vibe that helps start off the morning.

However, Robin Roberts is a huge part of the reason I watch, she just seems to have a big heart and cares about the stories she brings to us each day.  I hope that she has a speedy recovery because GMA is just not the same without her!!  What do you think?

I am sure that the crew will do fine and keep us all updated on the news and laughing; but she will be missed during her absence.  My prayers are with her during this time!

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Reply by Ginny

author of Life 8/17/2012 10:35:34 AM

Robin will be back on Monday!!  Woo-hoo!  I am so glad that she is coming back.  I still love Good Morning America, but in my opinion it is not the same without her.  

I just hope that she is feeling better and ready to return!


Reply by Cortney

author of The Mommyhood Project 8/22/2012 9:26:37 AM

I love GMA too - and am so glad that she's been back this week :)


Reply by Ginny

author of Life 8/22/2012 6:12:44 PM

Me too!  I just hope that she is better.  I haven't heard them say or read anything about that; I've been busy and missed watching GMA a lot over the past month.


Reply by Ginny

author of Life 9/2/2012 7:33:05 AM

Robin left on Thursday instead of Friday in order to spend time with her mom whom is sick.. before going on medical leave to undergo her Bone Marrow transplant!  I wish her success and can not wait for her to return!!!

She will definitely be missed during this time; and I will surly keep her in my prayers!!I hated to hear that 

I hated to hear that Robin lost her mom on Friday; but I am happy to know she made it there (even with all the effects of Issac) and was able to spend time with her mom before she past... My heart goes out to Robin with everything that she is enduring at this time.  But she is so strong and has the whole country (most at the least) supporting her on her newest journey!!... #TeamRobin


Reply by Ginny

author of Life 9/11/2012 9:15:05 PM

Accourding to GMA this morning, Robin started her bone marrow transplant process today.. I hope that everything went well for her.  

Hoping that transplant takes right away and that she is back on her feet ASAP.. and back on GMA because it is not the same without her!!


Reply by Ginny

author of Life 10/25/2012 9:18:37 AM

It was so good to hear Robin Roberts talking to the GMA crew this morning via phone!  

35 days since her bone marrow transplant and she sounds good, says she is doing well, and ready to be sitting on couch again! smiley

I can't wait for her to get back, I have missed seeing her on in the morning because GMA is not the same without her.  They all love her and miss her so much and it is obvious, I know they are waiting just like all of us fans for her big return.. I just hope it isn't that long away!


Reply by Ginny

author of Life 2/20/2013 5:42:13 AM

Today is the BIG day... Robin Roberts is coming back to GMA!! smiley Yayyyy!!

I can not wait... GMA has not been the same without her! 

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