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Preparing for a New School Year

Started by Ginny , author of Life 8/1/2012 10:23:50 PM

Well, a new school year starts in about 3 weeks for my girls and the preparations and worries are starting to set in! 

My oldest daughter (Alexus) starts at the High-School this year; so, it is a very exciting time in her life yet also pretty scarey!  I can remember my fist year in High-School; and having the same thoughts and fears! Can you?

My youngest daughter (Kaitlyn) on the other hand is just ready to see how many friends are in her class again this year! (lol) 

As we begin preparing for the new school year there is so many things to get done with school shopping, orientations, and getting back into the school routine. 

Next week, I will start waking up the kids earlier than normal; where it won't be so hard to meet the 6 am schedule we have to get back into.

So... How do start your preparing for a new school year? 

What tips do you use to find the best deals or get everything organized?

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