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What are your favorite activities for your patio or balcony?

Started by Brett , author of This Mama Loves | CT Mom Blogger | Reviews, Giveaways, Crafts, Recipes 8/8/2012 6:00:10 AM

We have a large patio in our backyard- its not perfect, but its a nice space, and allows the kids to ride bikes and scooters (we live on a busy street).  It's big enough for us to sit and enjoy the firepit at one end of it, where we frequently make s'mores and have even grilled hot dogs on a stick during backyard campouts.  It's a place we hang out whenever the weather is nice and where friends come to visit.  It may not be the prettiest patio but it does its job and we love it.  


When my son was born, my niece and my oldest wrote a welcome home message the day we brought him home from the hospital.  Now, almost 5 years later, he's almost always found on the patio whipping around on his scooter!


There are nights that my husband and I slip out to sit on the patio and just stargaze, or watch the hundreds of fireflies that seem to love our yard- just being together, the two of us, alone...other times, we've had 60 people in the yard, for parties- the patio is our "family room" when the weather cooperates- it offers so much for our family. 

A few hours after my mom died, I was a mess.  My dear friend Ally showed up with her dad, some pizza, and lots of love and understanding.  She and her dad sat out there, on the patio, holding my hand, playing with the kids, trying to keep me going.  It was the hardest day of my life, and it meant the world to me because Ally's been in the same position, having lost her mom several years ago.  That memory will be with me always, and the gift Ally and her dad gave me, just being with me, understanding that I couldn't function, couldn't laugh, needed to cry and be devastated.  They understood, and came to just be there and love my family.  I know my husband won't ever forget that gift they gave us- and I often smile at the memory when we're out there, even now, three years later.  

Do you have a special place that's full of memories in your yard?  

These are just some of my favorite activities that my family enjoys on our patio. What activities do you and your family enjoy on your patio? Answer the question below and one of my readers will win a $25 Sears gift card!

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Reply by Becky

8/8/2012 6:33:49 AM
My favorite place is the patio/fire pit. Even though my children are adults now, they always seem to show up in the evening with marshmallows in hand. The inflatable pool, small garden, patio and fire pit are neatly arranged like a Feng Shui'd kitchen prep area. Two or three times a week the kids show up with the grandchildren and the dance begins. First they get in the pool one at a time and the last one in always seems to get the dreaded 'spashes'. From there, it's onto the patio for the 3 year old to secretly dig the sand out from between the carefully laid stones with a stick while peeking to see if anyone is going to catch him. Eventually someone lights a fire in the home made fire pit and out come the marshmallows while everyone spends the rest of the evening moving their chairs around the circle to avoid the evil smoke in the face. Fireflies get chased, the moon gets located, marshmallows get burned and roasting sticks get caught on fire. And when no one is looking, the 3 year old grabs his flashlight and sneaks out to the garden to steal a tomato before he goes home.


Reply by Mary

8/8/2012 7:26:31 AM
I like to read on the patio.


Reply by Alicia

author of The Petite Pilates Pixie 8/8/2012 7:28:27 AM
We love to grill on our balcony!


Reply by Andrea

author of Eat Run Work Play 8/8/2012 7:31:10 AM
We love to grill, and sit with friends and family to visit! Such great time away from the busy world!


Reply by Debbie

8/8/2012 7:39:23 AM
we bbq and entertain family and friends debbie jackson, djackson1958 at hotmail dot com


Reply by Jennifer

author of Wild N Mild Giveaways 8/8/2012 7:40:06 AM
I like to sit on the patio and read a book, or hang out with good music and awesome friends.


Reply by Kristin

8/8/2012 7:45:14 AM
Sitting around with friends over grilling out, drinking cocktails, and telling funny stories about our lives.


Reply by Meg

8/8/2012 7:59:22 AM
We love to hang out with our friends and family and all enjoy some good food and take candid pictures of everyone!! Always a good time with a lot of laughs! :)


Reply by Cindy

8/8/2012 8:04:10 AM
I have had a fire pit in my back yard for years. When I first moved in, it was for entertaining friends from church or the neighborhood. We'd roast hotdogs and marshmallows and just enjoy the fellowship. Now that I'm married and have kids, we still enjoy the fire pit, but in a different way. The kids are the ones roasting the hotdogs and marshmallows, chasing fireflies, blowing bubbles, playing soccer in the back yard, or throwing a frisbee. We don't entertain nearly as much, but its even better than it was before. Such sweet memories.


Reply by Jackie

8/8/2012 8:09:22 AM
We enjoy bbq'ing! Thank you!

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