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Eye discomfort begone! I'm taking the #BiotrueChallenge

Started by Megan , author of That Neat Blog - Greensboro Mom Blogger 6/26/2012 11:00:10 PM

I'm a contact lens wearer.  I had glasses in high school and my senior year, my parents gave me the gift of contact lenses.  I felt a freedom I hadn't felt in years.  Now, years (no need in counting exactly how many) later, I still wear them daily. 

For the most part, contact lenses are pretty comfortable except for a few things.  At the end of the night, I find my eyes dry and red.  I even get that swollen puffiness from time to time. I hate the uncomfortable feeling I get from contact lenses but have yet been able to find something that helps these problems.  That's why I'm taking the Biotrue Challenge.

Bausch and Lomb have created a contact lens solution that is like no other. 

Biotrue goes above and beyond cleaning by bringing together three bio-inspired innovations:

  • Has a lubricant found naturally in your eyes
  • Matches the pH of healthy tears
  • Keeps certain beneficial tear proteins active

I'm going to be using Biotrue for one month and then you can see my results here.  I'll try anything to get rid of the night time uncomfortableness. 

Switch out your solution today and see the difference yourself - take the Biotrue Challenge!

Thanks to Bausch + Lomb, one of my readers could be one (1) of ten (10) exclusive winners of a 1-year supply of Biotrue® multi-purpose contact lens solution! Share with us below the changes you're making to be more comfortable at the end of day!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Bausch & Lomb. The opinions and text are all mine. Bausch + Lomb BlogFrog Biotrue Challenge Sweepstakes Rules.

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Well i dont have contacts, but as far as changes...i always take a bath at the end of the day to relax!


Reply by Jennifer

author of Rebel Chick's Journey 7/24/2012 11:30:29 AM
I recently bought a new pillow top mattress pad - it makes me super comfy at the end of the day!

Turning off the computer (work) and sitting next to hubby when he relaxes on the couch is how I am getting comfy at the end of the day!

I'm taking time out to relax for a little while after work before delving in to my nightly duties at home. I need a little "me time" after a long day.

Spending less time working on the computer and getting to bed earlier.

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