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Be Positive and not Afraid

Started by Reida & Ron Baca , author of Home Business opportunity 4/1/2012 11:05:57 AM


As a Brick and Mortar business owner I employ many people from different walks of life. The other day while setting in my office working on my SFM project, an employee ask to enter my office. Be a college student and working part time for me, they sometime need to have a shoulder to lean on.This is a great employee with good intentions, but I sometime have to wonder what they are thinking at such a young age.

I had my computer turned on and he could see the page as we sat and talked. Being curious, he could not help but notice that this was something that he had never seen before. Being polite, he ask what I had up on my screen. I explained that it was a new business that I had gotten into in the last few months. I went on to explain that it was internet marketing and it was a first class system that is the wave of the future if one wants to be independent and live life like they want it to be so they can truly be happy.

He had a strange look on his face and ask, but are you not happy, you have more money now than most people in town. I explained to him that happiness is not money, that money is a tool. It is a tool that can be used just like a shovel or a rake. It is want you use to gain what you need.

With an even more troubled look on his face he said, don't you have everything you need ? The answer I gave made him sit back in the chair and look in amazement. I told him that success is not measured by what you have. Success is measured by how you feel about yourself. What you can do for others with your success. How you can help them and teach them what you have learned so they to can be successful. I went on to explain that success has many different measures.A person who is homeless living on the streets considers themselves successful when they are able to move into an apartment. 

Then he ask, but why on the internet? I explained to him that there are millions of people in the world and that with those odds and being able to reach them through the internet is the best was to become successful in this day and age.

He then made my mouth drop to the floor when he said, "What your Doing Won't Work". My mom told me that the only way to be successful was go to college,get a job and save your money and that anything on the internet was all just a big scam.The moral is, people have been programmed to fail, not to win.You can't help those who will not listen.  

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