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Did you have professional help with your website?

Started by Erin , author of How to Drive a Woman Crazy 4/19/2012 5:01:21 PM

If so, what?  Design?  Technical help?  Advertising?  Content?  If you don't mind sharing- how much did it cost?  And do you think it was worth it?

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Reply by Kat

author of Mama's Losin' It! 4/25/2012 8:54:37 AM

Yes! Design, technical, advertising...yes, yes, and YES. All of it. Except content...that's the one area I think I'm capable of taking care of.

When I was fairly new I won a free blog design and that kind of sent me in the right direction. I definitely realized I enjoyed setting myself apart from everyone with that small piece of individuality.

My second design cost 300 dollars and I was seriously sweating it. Who spends 300 dollars for space on the internet? I also had help with advertising with friends...they'd refer advertisers to me, we worked together...but I guess I didn't necessarily pay for help with that.

I redesigned a third time and this entailed a shift in my Wordpress thesis, the addition of a landing page, sidebar customization and I spent so much more than 300. I'll tell you I spent thousands and leave it at that. My justification was that the site would pay for itself within a year so it was okay. I also currently pay about 50 a month for tech help who comes in to update my site, fix any glitches, back it up, and just make sure it's running great. She's someone I can contact any time I run into a problem and I like having someone I can go to for help.

In SHORT (hahaha) yes, I've put a lot of money into my site, but I love it and no I don't regret it. However, it's been a very gradual increase of money spent over the past 4 years. No way would I have spent that kind of money right out of the gate. I had to start making money before I could justify it.


ps I love the focus of your community and featured it on BlogFrog this morning! Humor in Parenting!! Brilliant!

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