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Diet Mistakes and How To Maintain Weight Loss

Started by mike , author of Exercise and Nutrition Tips 4/26/2012 10:59:33 PM

Learn How To Maintain Weight Loss and Avoid Diet Mistakes

There are many different ways people lose weight but many do not know how to maintain weight loss and make diet mistakes that will never get them the long term results they want.

Check out these diet mistakes.

Diet Mistake #1: Eating more calories than you think

Many of the weight loss programs that are out have one main benefit to them and that is a major reason some get results with these programs. It is the benefit of teaching people about what an actual "serving" is. You will never know how to maintain weight loss if you underestimate some food's volume which will lead to taking in more calories than you should. This is one of the major diet mistakes people never take time to learn.

Weight loss is about taking in less calories than you burn and by knowing serving size, it can help you reach your goal. Here are some thinks to consider about servings

* Three ounces of meat is the same size as a deck of cards.
* One cup of carbohydrates is equivalent to the size of a tennis ball
* A serving size on a food label is often misleading so always look at how many servings there are
* Make sure there are servings of vegetables as they have many nutrients and little calories
* Smaller plates means less food!


Diet Mistake #2: Not Eating Frequently

The days of the "three square meals" are over as that has been prove to be a big diet mistake and you will never learn how to maintain weight loss if you follow this "old school" way. Eating frequently will tell your body there is no need to store food to conserve energy. A minimum of 5-6 meals a day should be consumed to keeps your metabolism active.

The eating frequent meals will keep your body busy of burning calories by having to digest your meals. If you eat frequently, you will stabilize blood sugar levels because the levels never have time to drop. If you keep your blood sugar stable, you will minimize the chance of getting hungry. When we get hungry there is a tendency to eat more than we really need.

Diet Mistake #3: Drinking Your Calories

This is a common practice amongst those in the weight loss journey. There is an over abundance of "healthy" protein concoctions, weight loss shakes, and diet smoothies that are available. There are some very healthy drinks available but there are some that really aren't.

There are many on the market that have high amounts of sugar in them. The high amount of sugar will cause an immediate energy surge and the will be followed by a crash from the release of insulin to try to control the rise in blood sugar.

When it comes to weight loss and how to maintain weight loss, you want to avoid the dramatic shift in insulin levels.

A major missing ingredient in some of the weight loss shakes is the lack of fiber. Fiber is an important ingredient for weight loss as it help you to feel fuller and it will also blunt an increase in insulin levels when there are high amounts of sugar in the bloodstream. Eating fruits will give you all the necessary fiber you need while some of the smoothie shakes usually contain little fiber from the pulp of some of the fruits.

Finally, the calories that are in a smoothie or shake is far greater than that of the volume of food it has in it. For example, a 16 oz. fruit smoothie might have 600 calories in it and will not make you feel full at all but trying to eat 600 calories of fruit will almost be impossible to do in a sitting. That would be like eating more than 2 pounds of bananas, wow!


Knowing how to maintain weight loss by avoiding these diet mistakes may lead to longer weight loss results. Get the most out of your calories and eat often. Make sure youe weight loss plan is diet mistake free and watch the long term benefits happen.

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Reply by Kat

author of Mama's Losin' It! 5/17/2012 12:27:48 PM

These are such awesome tips! I've finally cracked down on  myself after packing on an additional 10 pounds this year. Yuck!

Stopped by from the BlogFrog Community Hop. :)

Thanks for visiting. I hope the tips can help and please visit again.

Wonderful tips Mike! I would also add Eating Too Fast! When we eat to fast we put our bodies into a stress response and this tells the body to store more fat. When we slow down we are also much more able to check in and notice when we feel satiated.

Nice tip Jenna. Take a bite of your food, put your fork down and don't pick it up until you have completely chewed your food. It is amazing how much less you will eat when you take the time to eat your food. Thanks for visiting, Jenna!

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