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Who does giveaways and reviews on their blog?

Started by Powered by Mom , author of Powered by Mom 2/16/2012 3:30:26 PM

Do you do giveaways and reviews on your blog? If so how many and are you interested in doing more? Let's talk about how we can help each other find giveaways and reviews.

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Reply by Albert Pina

author of FreeRxPlus 2/18/2012 8:12:41 AM

Totally free Never Expires 50-75% off Prescriptions any U.S. Pharmacy always ask for Generic help all our seniors or  anyone in need Just print as many as you wish Share them in your community , it's what you don't know that hurts you !


Reply by Alicia

author of Fun Reviews and Giveaways 8/15/2012 6:57:53 PM

I do reviews a lot when they're available to do with companies, as well as giveaways.

My blog -


I need many new followers!

I need help finding people to review for!!! I would love to do give aways as well


Reply by Brandy

author of busymommylist 9/27/2012 12:26:10 AM

I do reviews and giveaways and would love more;) I started a blogger tab on my blog, and only started filling it in, but I plan on sharing my contacts and hope to have others share as well!!

We are all here together and should help each other out;)

My favorite so far, is!!


Reply by Powered by Mom

author of Powered by Mom 10/4/2012 12:05:32 PM

I love Tomoson too Brandy!


Reply by Cypriania

10/15/2012 5:32:06 PM

I am relatively new to the offers and entering (couponing and all). Glad to have found a network. Hints? I can use them.


Reply by Amie

10/18/2012 12:05:22 PM

I would love to do reviews for chidren's clothing and shoes.  Thanks!


I host giveaways on my site quite frequently. I have two or three going on currently. I love giveaways. I'm doing giveaways with Bella Tunno and Mohzy right now. I love reviews and review any and all products sent to me. I would love to do more. They're always a lot of fun.


Reply by Lisa

4/10/2013 5:16:36 AM
Even better question: Who does giveaways with low entries? (-:


Reply by Alicia

author of Fun Reviews and Giveaways 8/20/2013 7:02:43 AM

i do giveaways with low entries

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