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Live MOM Chat - Giveaways - 7pm PST / 10pm ET

Started by 24/7 MOMS / Trisha , author of 24/7 MOMS 4/9/2012 8:21:34 PM

Click Here to “WATCH THE SHOW!”

Come chat, win prizes and get new MOM tips you must know  TONIGHT 7pm PST / 10pm ET

It is simple to join in the weekly mom fun with our 4 simple steps.

Step # 1 – Turn on your computer

Step #2 - Go to

Step #3 – Join the chat

Step #4 - Enjoy the show

This Week 24/7 MOMS Live Features:

-  Guest Debora Coty -More Beauty, Less Beast –Reigning in the Beast: Equipping moms to deal with that nasty inner ogre

- 6 DIY Tricks to being the FUN Mom

- Fabulous Giveaways

- Mom Chat

Join the chat to WIN prizes.

Be sure to Tweet, TXT, Facebook , invite all of your MOM friends to this weeks 24/7 MOMS Live Webcast.

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