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Hello Trisha, thank you for allowing us this interview. In your bio it is found that you have been a writer for quite some time, most of which consisted of poetry up until 2005, can you give us a sample of some of your earlier works?

Thank you so much for having me for this interview, Kitty! Absolutely, I would love to share a poem with you! This is one I wrote in 2003 for a good friend of mine who was about to get married. I knew I wasn't going to be able to attend (it was in Ohio) - so this was my gift to them.

Your Love

Your love is one of a kind
I'm proud to say it's mine!
If you hadn't come along, I'd still be incomplete
But now until eternity, I have you and you have me!

Your love, like a prayer, soothes my soul
You opened my eyes and made me whole!
Your love, like a mountain, so protective and strong,
I've dreamed of someone like you for so long!

Your love, like the wind, feels so good to embrace
To feel your breath against my face!
Your love, like a song, eases my fears
With a simple whisper, you make them all disappear!

Your love, like a rose, is still blooming for me
With just a smile from you, I know you're perfect for me!
Your love, like a miracle, came to the rescue
I was dying inside then I turned around, there was you!
Since then, you've had my heart - you're my white knight
Until you, I never believed in a love so right!

Tell us a bit about your current works, and what these books are about.

Well, they're not exactly current, but they're recent. I self-published "An Unforgettable Christmas" in September. It's a contemporary (clean) romance about a woman, Chelsea, who is facing her first Christmas without any of her family. She's bound and determined that she's going to make sure she does her Christmas shopping, even though her list is a lot shorter this year, but she is NOT going to do any decorating...Then she meets Nick. She's instantly attracted to him, but he has a she believes that he has a wife hid away somewhere and she tries to put him out of her mind. As luck (or fate?) would have it, Chelsea's neighbor is also Nick's aunt, so there's a little matchmaking going on. Chelsea still fights her attraction until she discovers that Nick is not the biological father of Jasmine and learns the rest of the story. Even though Nick is instantly attracted to Chelsea, as well, he has an uphill battle to fight. Through a few surprises, Chelsea & Nick experience a Christmas they'll never forget.

Also, in September, I self-published "Daring To Trust", which is book 1 of a 4 book series "Indigo Girls" I'm currently working on, and the entire series will be (clean) romantic suspense. The series is about four best friends, Julia, Ellen, Jae and Abby who are in their 30s and alone. Through twists and turns, they face obstacles but are always there for each other, in the good and the bad. "Daring To Trust" is Julia's story. Julia's husband walked out on their marriage four years before. When he comes close to death, he makes a promise to God and to himself that if he lives to see another day, he'd do his best to make amends for hurting her. What he doesn't count on is his number-one enemy tracking him down and using Julia to get back at him. This one is a shorter story (17k) but mainly because they didn't have to go through the whole "getting to know you" & dating phase that most couples do in

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