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I'm New Here!!!

Started by Debbie , author of Africa’s Blog 11/4/2011 10:46:15 AM

How about you?  Are you new too?  
Lets "meet"!!!  
I love finding great new blogs to read and I love when you people read my blog!!! 

Looking for fun, new people to follow on blog frog!!!


Hope to hear from YOU soon!! 

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I'm Terri from Terri's Little Haven.  I'm currently a stay at home grandma.  I retired early from my profession due to failed back surgery (my back was injured by the dr (not her fault) during an emergency surgery non related to my back).  The good news is I lived, the bad news is I have a bum back and will have for life.

Things about me...

I have no common sense whatsoever.  I don't suppose I need any if I've made it 49 years without it ha.  I do get myself into some comical situations due to this "imperfection".  On the flip side of that, if someone has something they can't figure out I'm usually the first one who can.  

I love to meet others on the Internet.  It's pretty neat to read about others and what they are doing on the other side of the world.  

I love giveaways.  I don't love giveaways that do not use rafflecopter.  Not only do I love to enter giveaways, I love to host them on my site.

I like doing product reviews for companies.   I love to try new things BEFORE buying the products.  The highlight of my day is when I try something that works super well!!  

I have 5 grand-kids who act just like me (poor little tykes)   *points down to picture*

So, why am I writing all of this?  Because if I am someone you think you would like to get to know I would love it if anyone would want to become blogroll/affiliates with me or if anyone would visit, join and interact on my blogfrog.   I would repay the favor. 



Reply by Sarah

author of not on my own anymore 4/5/2012 7:41:19 PM

Hello Africa. I like your name . I have two aunts who are both named Africa, both women of strength and character. 

You can visit me at



Reply by Jaelma

author of Adinkra Love 4/18/2012 10:36:49 AM

greetings and hello!!  I am new to this platform too!  Looking forward to learning a lot....actually joined awhile ago but have been too busy to do much.  Going to head out and ck out your blog in a little while.  

Have a great finish to your week!




Reply by

author of Homemaker - Mom - The Homemaker - Mom Blog 5/10/2012 1:33:21 PM

HI I I have a new community here in blogfrog as well

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