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I'm not a germaphobe... I just like things to be clean and sanitary.

Started by Vivienne , author of The V Spot 4/3/2012 7:30:10 AM

My husband and kids have called me a germaphobe.  I don't think I am neurotic about it, but I definitely worry about germs and bacteria.  I use paper towels to open doors when I'm leaving public restrooms, I wipe off the handles on shopping carts and punch the buttons for the elevator with my knuckle, not with my fingertip.  If that makes me a germaphobe, then so be it.

I am very aware of bacteria and germs when in the kitchen.  Raw chicken gives me the heebie jeebies and I am hyper vigilant about cross contamination between the grody chicken cutting boards and cutting boards for fruits and veggies.  I wipe down everything, including the soap dispenser I touched with my raw chicken-y fingers in order to wash my hands.

So when I had the opportunity to try out the Lysol No Touch Kitchen System I jumped at the chance.  I loved the idea that it is motion activated and I might not need to regularly wash my soap dispenser. 

Take the Undercover Kitchen System Challenge and share your score.

Mention the Undercover Kitchen System Challenge and include this link somewhere in the body of your post:


For a chance to win a No Touch Kitchen System with a year supply of soap complete these two steps:


  • Share the Undercover Challenge with your friends below
  • Tell us that you did AND tell us your kitchen cleaning challenge below

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Reply by Myya

4/3/2012 5:21:27 PM
I shared my Kitchen System Undercover Challenge, I scored 6 out of 8. Not too bad! My kitchen cleaning challenge is little sticky spots always on the table. Spots from tiny little hands & juice boxes.


Reply by Catherine

4/3/2012 5:41:32 PM
I shared a positive review. Cross contamination, chicken spit, beef goop all gross me out. Thanks for the great give-away!


Reply by Angell

4/3/2012 5:53:29 PM
I did it!! I shared it and got a score of 6 of 8


Reply by Beverly

4/3/2012 7:37:19 PM
I shared. Keeping the floors clean and counter tops.


Reply by Tonya

4/3/2012 9:53:24 PM
I shared and scored 6 out of 8


Reply by Heather

4/4/2012 6:13:29 AM


Reply by Heather

4/4/2012 6:14:20 AM Shared! I clicked 6 out of the 8 but was not fast enough to click the last two. :(

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