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Explore World’s Stunning Wonders with China Holiday Packages

Started by rahulseo , author of International Tour Packages 11/1/2011 4:12:02 AM

There are so many destinations world wide having their own features but if you are looking for a destination where you can find the ranges of marvelous attractions and destinations then look no further than China an East-Asian country draws the attention of many from across the world all the year round. By visiting to this place you will be agree that it is not mere country but a world it self with incredible attractions and destinations having distinctive features. There is hardly any country in the planet that could match its richness in culture, tradition, spectacular landscapes and of course population which really can not be ignored.


A perfect holidaying venue of nature-lovers, honeymooners, bag packers or explorers, this exotic country offers a range of attractions to the vacationers and give them unforgettable and memorable holidaying experience. Yellow Mountains, The Yangtze River, Giant Pandas, The Bund, The Potala Palace and The Silk Road are some of the must see attractions of China Tour Package  .

Along with several attractions there are so many things which take China into limelight such as its glorious past which is still preserved in good manner. Among them, the Great Wall of China is the icon of Chinese nation and the most popular attraction. Another place gathering multitudes of historical and cultural relics should be the Silk Road, a vital trading route that traversed Asia and Europe. The prosperity of past has gone but communications in commodity; religion and ideology between the west and east have been vividly engraved in places along the road and continue to inspire vigor in new era.


Apart from there are many other attractions and destinations that one can explore through Packages tour to China such as Yellow Mountain a must see attractions for nature has its unique character-magnificent, imposing or elegant. World-renowned for its scenic attractions including pine forest, strange stone, cloud sea or hot spring, Yellow Mountain is the must visit attractions in China standing straight among the mountains of south of Anhui Province. One of the famous mountains in China, Yellow Mountain has 72 peaks with different dimensions. The three major peaks of the mountains are Lotus Peak, the Bright Summit Peak, and the Tiandu Peak all are above 1,800 meters.

Apart from there are many other scenic attractions that one can explore or experience through China Holiday Packages such as its five great lakes which are often compared with five great lakes of America offering abundant water resources. Apart from enriching the aquatic products and offering abundant water resource, these lakes have also nurtured Chinese great civilization because areas around them were the rich places in the old days and many outstanding celebrities also lived there. Poyang Lake, Dongting Lake, Tai Lake, Hongze Lake, Chao Lake are the five great lakes of China.


Due to the long coast line about 1,800 kilometers, China is gifted with numerous beach destinations named as Tianya Haijiao, Yalong Bay, Wuzhizhou Island, First Bathing Beach, Gulangyu Beach or many more. Apart from its attractions there are many other things which give Chinatourism an international recognition such as its fascinating culture, mouth-watering food or excellent hotels or accommodations that one can experience during visiting China.


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