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Cable TV

Started by Deb 5/5/2012 2:17:28 PM

I am embarrassed to have to ask this but we have never taken a tv with us, but we are planning on it.  I noticed the campground has cable and I am wondering what I need ( cable etc) and how it worksblush

thanks in advance


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Reply by Laurie & Doug

5/5/2012 7:47:53 PM

We have a couple of TVs in our RV (recent purchase, new to us) and stayed at a campground last weekend that had cable hookups and we couldn't get it working on any of the TVs.  I'll be anxiously waiting to hear what responses you get to this post as we also need to know how it works.


Reply by Laurie

author of Guessing all the Way 5/6/2012 4:23:01 AM

First, don't be embarrassed!  I love having my television at night once the kids are asleep.  BTW, your little face above (emojicon) made me laugh.

We usually use our Roku in our trailer and it hooks up through the internet connection.  I am not sure about hooking up actual cable. I will ask my hubby in the morning since he is usually in charge of that stuff and let you know. 

Where are you heading to camp?


Reply by David

5/6/2012 9:12:02 AM

I'm in the same group...Have a new travel trailer and very interested in this topic.  Our tv in the trailer is very current and pics up great free digital channels but we won't always be close enough for great reception. I have seen many use a dish, but don't really care to deal with that hassle for something I won't watch much.


Reply by Dan

author of Dad Does 5/6/2012 10:37:33 AM


Good question - not sure about the cable option.  One other thing to consider if you are staying at campgrounds that have Internet or if you an device that can create a Wi-Fi hotspot....

You can get a device like the SlingBox.  This thing hooks up to your home cable box and allows you to watch and control your home cable box from any internet connected devices.  So, if you have internet, you can have access to all the cable channels you have at home.

I have not yet tried it myself, but I have friends who love it.


Reply by Jerry

5/7/2012 10:17:46 AM

The first time I had cable at a campground I did not have any cable with me to hook it up so did not get to use it.

We just got back from our first extended trip (we have had the RV for almost 2 years) and had two places that had cable available and it was good to have it hooked up.

Our RV has a cable input in the bay where the water, electricity, etc hook up.  So on the post at the campground where the shore power comes in I hooked a cable (like you would use at home) from the post to my cable input in the RV, it needed to be about 6 feet.

I then had to program both TV's to get the signal each time, through the menu of the TV (pick cable as the input and do the auto program channel option) and voila we had TV like at home which made my wife very happy.  I just watch movies on the road.


Reply by Dawn

5/7/2012 2:04:07 PM
The first time we went camping in our new motorhome we could not get tv reception when connected to cable. A fellow camper told us to look in some obscure place for a switch which is for cable or antenna. We found ours in the cabinet above the dinette on the outside wall. We switched from antenna to cable and got the available channels.

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