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What is the most unusual activity you have done outdoor while camping?

Started by Karen , author of FabGrandma 4/26/2012 11:09:38 PM

When I still lived in a house, and we camped in a pop-up, I often took my sewing machine and set it up at the picnic table outside if the weather was nice. I got a lot accomplished in a great atmosphere. Of course, I met a lot of people, too because they often stopped to see what I was doing.

So, what is your most unusual outdoors activity?

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Reply by Laurie

author of Guessing all the Way 4/28/2012 1:37:29 AM

Gosh Karen, that is a great question, but I can't think of anything that I do unusual when I camp.  Although, we used to bring our parrot with us when we would camp.  He would hang out with us outside and talk.  People always thought that was pretty cool:)


Reply by Quirky Momma

author of 4/28/2012 8:00:31 PM

I led outdoor expeditions for youth groups... there were typically 10-20 teenagers that I was responsible for... I don't think there was much they didn't try at least once. 

They did a puppet show with carcasses from crawdads, that was fun...

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