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starting digital scrapbooking

Started by pamkez , author of pamkez 8/7/2011 10:31:54 AM

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    Download the pictures from your digital camera to your computer by sticking your camera's memory card into the slot on your computer into a folder.

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    Load your chosen patterned papers into one folder so you can access them easily. There are plenty of free papers available on the internet to start you off just type free digital scrapbook papers into your internet browser.

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    Open a graphic editing program, such as Paint.NET, a good free downloadable program (available at that has all the functions necessary for creating digital scrapbook pages, such selecting, cropping and resizing. Add filters to photos, if desired, to make them look aged, soften them, sharpen them or change the brightness and contrast.

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    Click "File," then "New" to create a new document in the graphic editing software. Change the size of the image in the box that pops up by typing width and height, and set the unit of measurement. Use "Pixels" as the unit if digital scrapbook pages are to be viewed online; size to inches or centimeters if pages will be printed.

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    Open the photos and embellishment images to be included in digital scrapbook by clicking on "File," then "Open" for each. Use the "Selection" tool to trace the images; use "Copy/Paste" to put them together in the new file. Experiment with various effects and filters; click "Edit, Undo" function if the change is not desirable.

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    Add text to digital scrapbook by selecting the text tool and clicking on the document for placement. Choose the font and font size in the text toolbar and change the color of the text in the color palette.

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    Save digital scrapbook pages to computer when complete. Click "File" then "Save as," give file a name to help identify it later and a file extension like .PNG or .JPG for upload to the internet.

    Why not have a go would like to see your creations


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    Reply by marie

    author of 8/15/2011 1:42:20 PM

    i love digital scrapbooking and stamping too, hope you could visit my site and join my community too.

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