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Is there a flip side?

Started by Amber , author of On the Flip Side 7/31/2011 11:23:51 AM

Have you ever had a situation or read a news article or had a person in your life that you just couldn't understand? Have you ever asked yourself if there's a flip side or another perspective or point of view you haven't looked at. I know I have. I am learning to do this everyday so I can have more empathy and compassion for others. Believe me, it isn't easy. For example, when Casey Anthony was found not guilty (similar to how I felt when OJ was found "Not Guilty").  I decided to look at the flip side and I found out there was one. I wrote about it on my blog

Looking at the flip side helps us to control our own emotions and have more compassion for others. 

Do you have a flip side story to share or would you like us to help you see the flip side to an undesirable situation? Please share with us. 

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Reply by Amber

author of On the Flip Side 8/6/2011 11:47:07 AM

My girlfriend shared a funny flip side with me. We were discussing her daughter and how old she is now. She is in middle school and looks so old. She now wears the same size clothes and shoes. Sounds good to me. Go shopping together, buy different things and swap. Double the closet. Yes! Until she ruins something, I suppose. Oh, and I suppose our tastes have to be the same. My mother's taste and mine are as different as Chinese food and Italian. I like it for her but not for me. 

So then she says that strangest thing is when she sees boys checking her daughter out. Worse yet, she says she's walking along still in the mindset that guys are still checking her out and realizes that now its her daughter they are looking at. She's thinking, "Ooo, yeah, check me out...wait...what?...What the h@#$ are you looking at? MY DAUGHTER! Get your eyes off my daughter. Cover that up." Too funny. We all still feel like the young one stuck inside an aging body. Now we have to witness the vulgarity of our daughters being gawked at. The nerve.

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