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Iphone Fashion shoot?! Share your Photos! Live

Started by Erica , author of MauLoa Photography 8/16/2011 1:54:08 PM

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 I would love to see your favorite camera-phone shots!

I saw this article a while ago about an Iphone fashion shoot, and came across it again the other day. Some said that those shots, were some of the photographers best to date (little did they know they were taken with an Iphone!)

I love my Iphone. It is fabulous on one hand to have such a good camera always handy- can it truly replace my DSLR (Canon 5d Mark II for those who care lol ) ?!...Not even close! BUT this article as well as some of my own photos I have taken with the Iphone show that you can't deny it's a great camera! (Not to mention the new apps & filters!)

I would love to see some of your faves... Here are a few of my recent pics!

(A picture of my son taken this past Sunday which I got a lot of great compliments on)


(South Beach-Miami, FL July 29, 2011)

Alligator Alley-Florida (August 2011)


Alligator Alley (Florida, August 2011)


August 2011 Grandpa giving his half a century old kisses to Alijah ;-)

We were celebrating his 50th birthday this past weekend!

(All these shots were edited directly on the Iphone through various apps & filters..) ;-)


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